The faithful Trump supporters have come up with excuses to attack those who do not believe The Donald is qualified to be president. They say that the election is over and Hilary lost. As an African American, I have been personally accused of being angry that Obama is out of office. It's time for those who continue to make excuses for number 45 to take off the blinders. This man is devious and using any means necessary to insult the intelligence of American people.

The latest stunt the Donald has pulled

Yesterday the Donald pulled his latest stunt.

During a meeting, the members of the President's cabinet took turns praising him. In the midst of the Russian collision, the President's Twitter tirades, falsely accusing his predecessor of wiretapping Trump Tower, and his alienating many world leaders, how can anyone heap praises on him? Our elected and appointed officials are showing themselves to not be worthy of their positions. This indicates that the manipulations of the President has no limits.

Donald Trump is applying his devious business practices to governing this nation. He is ignoring the chaos, hate, and anger he has unleashed on Americans. He believes by having a few of his minions say kind words that all will be forgotten. This is not a man who has the best interest of U.S.

citizens at heart. Number 45 has only one agenda, he wants to win. And does not seem to care at whose expense.

Donald Trump will make things worse in this nation

The audacity of the President to believe he can manipulate Americans by using those who work with him. Does he really think having his cabinet members sing his praises in a roundtable discussion will redirect Americans from all the evil he has unleashed on this nation?

Trump supporters voted a mad man into office and rather than make excuses they need to own it. And acknowledge what is really going on.

Donald Trump was elected to make wise decisions for the citizens of this nation but continues to focus only on his own image. And now has his cabinet members giving him glory. The comment that made the most headlines from the roundtable comes from Reince Priebus the White House chief of staff who said: "We thank you for the blessing that you've given us to serve your agenda and the American people."

Donald Trump's agenda has been to disrespect and bad mouth everyone who disagrees with him.

He tells flat out lies and never apologizes. He has brought discord and disharmony to the oval office, unlike anything we have ever seen before. None of this is a blessing and certainly does not serve the American people. The men around the table may be rich and powerful but to participate in this charade against U.S. citizens indicate they lack credibility.