Last week, as Katie was looking through a telescope at Eric's house, someone took a shot at Quinn. Katie was taken into custody but a ballistics test immediately cleared her. Later, Sheila Carter was found in Katie's home, and she too was considered a suspect. On Wednesday, as Sheila was proclaiming her innocence at the police station, someone else took a shot at Quinn. Spoiler alerts indicate that it may be her ex-lover Deacon Sharp.

Deacon and Quinn's troubled relationship

Quinn and Deacon initially were kindred spirits. They became lovers as well as partners in crime.

Things changed, however, when Liam hit his head and had amnesia. Quinn found him and hid him in her home. As she was caring for Liam she fell in love with him. Deacon found out and threatened to tell Liam's worried family where he was. Quinn went for a walk with Deacon and pushed him off a cliff in order to keep him silent.

Deacon did not die but he also did not tell anyone. He went to Quinn to confront her and let her know he was alive. The last time Deacon was seen was when Quinn told him she was in love with Eric Forrester. It was later stated that Mr. Sharp left Los Angeles. If Deacon turns out to be the shooter it would make perfect sense. He has probably been drifting through life while Quinn is the lady of the Forrester mansion.

Deacon has a motive

Deacon Sharp is probably not trying to kill his ex-lover, as he may only want to get her attention. His motive would most likely be money. Perhaps he will threaten to tell Eric a secret that will cause him to leave Quinn. Maybe, somehow, Deacon knows that Quinn has been kissing her stepson, Ridge. It would be within Deacon's character to blackmail this woman, even if he loves her.

If Deacon is the shooter this would really complicate Quinn's life. She has Katie threatening to tell Eric that she has been kissing his son, Ridge. Now, Eric's crazy ex-wife Sheila is back in town and no one knows what her agenda is. And of course, there is the heat between Quinn and Ridge, and the difficulty they have in keeping their hands off each other.

Everywhere Quinn turns there are people who have the potential to destroy the relationship she has with her spouse.

Deacon returning to town will make things interesting. This is especially true now that Shelia has returned to LA. Perhaps the two of them may work together. Deacon and Sheila could even fall in love with each other. Viewers will have to stay tuned to see how it plays out.