On Tuesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Bill and Brooke returned home from Paris. The honeymoon is over and now the Spencers have returned to real life. The newlyweds left paradise and came back to chaos and drama.

Brooke does not want to hear Quinn's name

When Brooke goes back to work at Forrester Creations, she runs into Ridge. The first word out of his mouth is "Quinn." Brooke tells her ex-finance that she does not want to hear that name. After all, she ended her engagement to Ridge because she saw him kissing his stepmother. Ridge is finally able to tell Brooke that someone took a shot at Quinn and Brooke's sister Katie is being questioned.

This is not what Mrs. Bill Spencer expected to hear.

Brooke is clearly rattled by this news but Ridge goes on to tell her that a ballistics test cleared Katie and showed that she had not fired a gun. He pointed out that Quinn is still in danger because the shooter has not been identified. Brooke tells him she notices the concern in his voice for his father's wife, but Ridge ignores her. On the other side of town, Bill is listening to a similar tale.

Bill and his sons discuss Quinn

In the offices of Spencer Publications, Bill is still riding high from his marriage and honeymoon. His sons Liam and Wyatt are in his office filling him in on recent events. Bill says he cannot believe Katie would try to kill anyone but he understands why Quinn might have enemies who would shoot at her.

Liam agrees, as he had a bad encounter with his half brother's mother. Both of them realize that drama and chaos follow Quinn. Wyatt does not like the fact that his father and brother are not concerned about his mother's well-being.

These three men have an interesting dynamic. Bill sired Wyatt with Quinn, and last year Quinn had a relationship with Liam.

Both Wyatt and Liam have been married to Steffy and also had relationships with Brooke's daughter Hope. At one point years ago Steffy was actually trying to date Bill but nothing came of it. Bill and Liam know first-hand how devious Quinn can be, but Wyatt overlooks his mother's faults.

Back to life and back to reality

It took a long time for Bill and Brooke to finally make it down the aisle.

They had a nice private wedding and even had Brooke's son Rick and his wife Mia fly with them on the Spencer private jet to Paris. Now they are back home and facing reality, which unfortunately includes Quinn. The Spencers will not be able to get away from this woman for a number of reasons.

Bill has to hear about her from time to time because she is Wyatt's mother. Brooke has to deal with Quinn every day while working at Forrester Creations. Quinn is married to Eric and they live next door to Kaite. Now that someone has taken a shot at her, Quinn is poised to be front and center in the lives of those who least want to deal with her.