Now that we are less than a week away from the much-anticipated Season Finale of "Pretty Little Liars," curiosity of the fans has reached dangerously high levels. Any loyal fan of this TV Show knows well that anything can happen in a 40-minute episode. Now that it has been announced that the finale will be two full hours, we can only imagine the number of tissues, bitten nails, and popcorn that will be thrown on the ground.

Finale promo trailer highlights

Let's begin with the highlights of the promo trailer that had fans jumping out of their seats and most likely screaming too.

Our dream couple Aria and Ezra and their love story will play a major role in the finale. This time we have Aria refusing to marry Ezra (because Aria could not just say "yes" and lift some drama off the fans' shoulders). Then, Spencer gets beaten up, has her arm twisted by Mary Drake, but at least Toby will be in the episode too (we might even witness some steamy scenes). She will be trapped in a glass box with a bobby pin as her only hope of escaping, too, as if her troubles were not enough already.

As per the words of Aria, "B***h can see," it turns out that Jenna's blindness has gone. She saw Addison's hand well enough to slap it. We are also given a sneak peak of how the relationship between Charlotte and Archer began.

Predictions about the finale

Other characters such as Melissa, and Wren, along with his good looks, accent, and of course a gun, are back. During past episodes, we discovered the identity of Charlotte's killer. Mona accidentally killed her in a violent fight, and ultimately got sucked back in the game by A.D.

The Archer Dunhill case was solved, and Aria was welcomed back into the group.

However, the game is not over yet. We still have to discover the identity of A.D, who is presumed to be Melissa, after an allegedly leaked page script of the finale came to light -- where A.D removed her mask to reveal herself as Melissa in front of the girls. We also want to know the fate of Mona. Will she end up in Radley, or recover from her mental breakdown?

Although we know most of the dirty little secrets of "Pretty Little Liars" just like A.D does, we are hoping there will be a final card up their sleeves.

"Pretty Little Liars" will be back for the two-hour finale on Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Freeform. Fans should have enough time by then to emotionally prepare themselves for all that is about to go down. However, it seems it is almost impossible to be emotionally prepared for the season finale of "Pretty Little Liars".