We prayed for it and now we have it: "The Incredibles 2" will finally hit the big screen on June 15, 2018, as confirmed by Disney/Pixar. 13 Years since its first release, Disney finally confirmed that we will get to see our favorite superhero family again. In honor of this exciting news, let us break down everything that we know about "The Incredibles 2" movie.

The release date of the sequel is a swap. "The Incredibles 2" was set to release in June 2019. However, when Disney announced the release, the film moved to 2018 while Toy Story will be released in 2019.

Who will be the next villain?

There is no indication that Syndrome, the villain from the first movie, will return to try and conquer the world and fight the family again. This time, if the rumors are true, the new villain of the sequel will surely surprise the fans of the Disney movie.

Jack-Jack, the baby from "The Incredibles" is rumored to be the second installment's main villain. If you can still remember the scenes in the first film, Jack-Jack showed powers stronger than his father. During his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Brad Bird stated that the second film will not be like any other superhero movie. Instead, the film will focus on the relationship of the characters. This gives weight to the theory that Jack-Jack is the main villain.

Big fight between the brothers

There will be another villain in the film in the form of Dash. According to fan theories, Dash will try and get the attention of his whole family by doing something bad to crave their attention. He will also be jealous of all the attention given to his younger brother Jack-Jack who is not only the strongest in the brood but is also a rebelling teenager.

Movie News Guide also pointed out the possibility of Dash turning into a bad guy since he is a very competitive boy to the point of showing off. If the rumors are true, we might be seeing a big and explosive battle between the two Parr brothers.

Samuel L. Jackson will return as the voice behind Mr. Incredible's best friend Frozone.

Frozone will play a big role in the second movie as Mr. Incredible will rely heavily on him, with the two Parr boys putting up a big fight in "The Incredibles 2" which will result in a much bigger problem in the sequel. How will Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl solve their family problem? Is it possible for Mr. Incredible and Frozone to take Jack-Jack or Dash down just to save the world? #Disney Villain