ArrowSeason 6 is one of the highly anticipated series fans look forward to this fall. However, the next update is set to happen in the upcoming July Comic-con. It is a good thing that Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim has got our backs as he took to Twitter to post an artwork teaser for the upcoming season.

According to Comic Book Movie, aside from Marc Guggenheim’s thrilling post on Twitter, they also revealed Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) desire to erect a memorial for Black Canary once again. It can be recalled that the first one built in a public area of Star City was destroyed during the battle between Black Siren and Team Arrow.

Comic Book reported, "Oliver Queen plans on erecting a memorial to Black Canary in the Arrow Cave."

How Katie Cassidy returns in Arrow season 6

In the earlier reports, we became aware that Katie Cassidy signed a contract as a series regular. She has already played three roles in the series: First, as Oliver Queen’s longtime girlfriend Laurel Lance; second, as Black Canary, Lance’s vigilante identity, and third, as Black Siren, the villainous multi-verse doppelganger of Laurel Lance.

Her comeback is a sure thing but there are no confirmed details about how this will happen.

She was on Lian Yu Island when the Island exploded too. If she did not manage to survive the tragic incident, it is still possible for her to appear in flashbacks. However, the chances for that to happen are quite low and the only option left is to wait and see.

How it all started for Cassidy

Before Olicity happened, Lauriver was the first pair that came into the picture.

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Unfortunately, it did not work out well when Oliver cheated with Laurel’s sister, Sarah Lance (Caity Lotz). Things were a bit tough, especially when Oliver finally returned to Star City after five years of being away and was presumed dead.

There were awkward moments, but Lance ended up joining Team Arrow. She suffered a lot through her boyfriend and sister’s betrayal.

Oliver and Sarah did deserve some punishment, but what was dished up was a lot more than what they deserved. Nevertheless, everyone moved on and Cassidy continued to have a firm legacy not only as the Black Canary but also as a District Attorney.

Furthermore, she will be returning as someone we are not sure of yet in “Arrow” season 6. Here is one question fans should think of: Is Katy Cassidy a Friend Or Foe? The last time we saw her was a bad one so stay tuned for more updates!