Emme Rylan plays the role of Lulu Falconeri on ABC's "General Hospital." She has been a fan-favorite, and now they have something else to be excited about when it comes to this actress. She is expecting a baby girl anytime now and the watch is on for the arrival of this little one. She has been keeping everyone up to date lately, but so far she is still hanging in there.

No bundle of joy yet

Emme now has a huge baby bump. She looks about ready to pop. As seen in her posts that she has sent out on her Instagram account, she is more than ready to meet her daughter.

This will be her first girl with partner, Don Money. She has two boys, Jackson and Levi, so she was quite excited to learn that this third child would be a female. Emme Rylan is quite petite, so carrying around her expanding baby bump looks like it is becoming more difficult to get around much right now.

What has she been doing until she gets ready to go to the hospital? Rylan has been spending a lot of time in the family's pool these days. She joked in her post that "it's the only way to hold this belly up!" Her boys are also on their summer vacation, so they are probably spending some time with her in the pool as well, gearing up before their new baby sister arrives. Emme has also gotten some much needed help from her BFF, and "General Hospital" co-star, Kirsten Storms.

They have been hanging out together and having a good time doing it.

What is next for Lulu?

Her character of Lulu Falconeri is not expecting a baby, but she has just gained a daughter.

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Her long-lost child, Charlotte, has just come to live with her and Dante while her daddy, Valentin Cassadine, is supposedly heading to prison. While Charlotte has been having a good time with Dante, Lulu, and little brother Rocco, there may be trouble coming soon. Valentin is expected to be returning to Port Charles very soon, so that may just complicate things for Lulu when it comes to keeping Charlotte.

However, Emme Rylan's life is not quite as dramatic as her character's is. Her official due date is on Monday and she is hoping that this baby girl will make her entrance very soon, or she may turn into a wrinkly raisin from being in the pool so much. Stay tuned to find out how much longer she has to wait for baby number three.

What is your prediction on when Emme Rylan will give birth to her new daughter? Will she go into labor on her due date? Also, be sure to check out what Lulu will do when Valentin comes back for Charlotte on "General Hospital" in the coming weeks.