"The Incredibles" movie was released in 2004 making it 12 years since the original movie made it to theaters. The writer and director of the original movie, Brad Bird, has signed up and is rumored be working on "The Incredibles 2". The second installment in "The Incredibles" franchise is set to explore the Parr family dynamic and relationships more closely.

What we know so far about the highly anticipated sequel

The characters of the "Incredibles" were voiced by Craig T. Nelson (Mr. Incredible), Holly Hunter (Elastigirl), Sarah Vowell (Violet Parr) and Spencer Fox (Dash).

It is confirmed that of these original voice actors Sarah Vowell will be returning to reprise her role of the eldest Parr child. There are rumors circulating that Raymond Ochoa will be voicing her younger brother Dash. Brad Bird has given fans a teaser stating that unlike other superhero movies "The Incredibles 2" will be focusing on the family relationships.

Samuel L. Jackson will also be reprising his role as Mr. Incredible's best friend and ally Frozone. He has already begun recording for his characters parts in the second movie. Bird also stated that Frozone would have a lot to do with the second installment, which in terms of plot could mean Bob Parr could rely heavily on his friend. Composer of the original movie, Michael Giacchino, has also begun work on the sound-scape of the movie, teasing fans with a picture of himself and Bird deep at work.

What will the plot point of 'The Incredibles 2' be?

As fans of "The Incredibles" already know, the first movie focused on evil villain Syndrome and his plans to corrupt Metroville. However, there has been no inclination that a villain of the likes of Syndrome will be returning in the sequel. There are a few theories surrounding Jack-Jack, the youngest of the Incredible children.

Jack-Jack revealed his powerful shape-shifting abilities in the original movie and years later a theory has formed that he will be the new villain of "The Incredibles 2".

This fits in with Birds statements about family and relationships. Is it possible that Mr. Incredible and Frozone will have to defeat Jack-Jack to save the world?

It would certainly be an interesting plot to explore especially as Jack-Jack was only a baby in the original movie.

Fans are delighted at the return of their favorite Disney superheroes to the screen. It will be a delightful treat to see their favorite Incredible characters all grown up. "The Incredibles 2" is scheduled for release in 2018 and will be hitting theaters in June of that year.