Ever since Nicole found out that she may not be able to have another baby, her attitude has changed. She has been spending more time with Lizzie -- the child she gave birth to for Rick and Maya. Her father saw them bonding and told Nicole that Lizzie knows she is her birth mother. Later, the child called Nicole "mama." Now, it turns out that the adoption has not been finalized and Nicole is refusing to sign the papers.

Nicole tells Maya that everything happens for a reason

On Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Maya asks her sister to sign the paperwork to finalize the adoption.

The reality that her daughter is fully hers hits Nicole pretty hard. She tells her sibling that everything happens for a reason and she can't sign the papers. Maya shouts at Nicole to do it now but she does not budge. Nicole will not relinquish her claim to Lizzie.

Nicole realizes that she is legally the mother of the little girl she gave birth to. She believes this situation is a sign that Lizzie should be raised by her and Zende. She is fearful that her medical condition cannot be reversed, and that the child she gave birth to might be her one and only shot at motherhood.

Nicole is forgetting that she is not the only biological parent

There is an issue that Nicole is not focused on right now.

It is something that will limit those rights she believes she has. Lizzie did not come from an anonymous sperm donor. Maya's husband Rick is the little girl's biological dad. He has as much right to their child as Nicole does. Maya may possibly be stripped of her maternal rights but Rick will always be in the picture.

Everyone is so focused on the fact that Nicole gave birth to the little girl that no one is considering the rights Rick has as her father.

Nicole is overwhelmed with motherly love as well as apprehension that she may never give Zende a child of his own. Emotions are running high and no one is thinking straight. Both sisters are declaring to each other that they are Lizzie's mother but only one of them can have that legal right.

Rick may have to go to court and fight for his daughter.

If so, this will tear the Forrester family apart. Zende is Rick's cousin because he was adopted into the Forrester family. Everyone will be forced to choose sides until a judge can make a decision. Spoiler alerts do not yet indicate the outcome of this difficult and emotional storyline. One thing (for now at least) is certain: Nicole is adamant about not signing the papers to finalize the adoption.