Jacob Young and Karla Mosley had a really great story line on "The Bold and the Beautiful." When Maya Avant first came to town, she met Rick Forrester and the two fell in love. Maya, however, was keeping a big secret. She was transgender. She was born male, and named Myron by her parents. When the truth came out, to everyone's surprise, Rick accepted Maya for the woman she is today. The couple married and later had a daughter (Lizzie) by using Maya's sister Nicole as a surrogate. Now, it seems "The Bold and the Beautiful" doesn't know what to do with this couple.

Where they are now

Rick and his wife are now on the sidelines, watching other couples get the great storylines. While family and friends traveled to Australia for the weddings of Liam and Steffy, and Ridge and Brooke, Maya and her hubby stayed home. They were shown in the Forrester Creations boardroom talking about the big events. There was one scene about a week ago where they were caught on camera getting hot and heavy on a couch at Forester. Maya was wearing a broach that Coco Spectra lent her. She had no idea a camera was inside.

During the past week the couple once again were in the boardroom. This time discussing the reveal that a new generation of the family Spectra had stolen Forrester designs.

Rick is at his best when he is fighting to secure his place in the family company. Maya was the top Forester model, but she has not worked for quite some time. She now basically stands at her husband's side, smiling and hanging on to his every word. Rick and Maya Forrester have the makings of a Power Couple. The writers would see this if they stopped putting all their attention on Ridge and Quinn.

Front and center

Rick and Maya need another great story line that would keep them Front And Center. Viewers probably would enjoy more of their baby Lizzie as well. Fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" should be allowed to see other couples grow and mature outside of the Forester Creations building and the Forester Mansion. Charlie and Pam are another couple on the periphery, and no one has ever seen where either of them live.

They are always working or at a Forrester event.

Viewers eventually will be tired of Ridge, Quinn, Brooke, and Eric. It's time for other characters -- including Rick and Maya -- to shine. Lets hope the powers that be take notice, and do the right thing. Often on daytime dramas, when actors no longer have major roles, they ride off into the sunset. Fans can only hope this is not what is about to happen to Jacob Young and Karla Mosley.