On "The Bold and the Beautiful" Nicole has to make a decision that will change lives forever. She is not sure whether or not to finalize the papers that give Rick and Maya full custody of Lizzie. Her father, Julius and her brother-in-law both tried to influence her on Tuesday's episode. Each man wants Nicole to take his advice, but unfortunately, they are on opposite sides regarding what is best.

Julius weighs in with sound advice

Nicole confides in her father, saying her feelings are conflicted regarding the little girl she gave up for adoption to her sister and brother-in-law.

Julius has been telling Nicole for some time that Lizzie knows she is her mother. On Tuesday, he reiterates that point. Nicole says that Maya is also the little girl's mother. Mr. Avant tells her that she is the only mother because Maya did not carry the child for nine months.

Julius echoes what Nicole said to Maya on Monday by telling her that recent events are not a coincidence. He believes that everything has lined up this way for a reason, and he very strongly emphasizes that his daughter does not sign the adoption papers. He tells her that she should keep custody of her little girl. Nicole, however, is clearly conflicted and not so sure what she should do.

Rick makes his position very clear

Before Julius went to see Nicole, Maya had been in her sister's office. Nicole told her sibling that she could not sign the adoption papers. Maya immediately relayed the news to her husband Rick who was angry. Maya said Nicole was confused and needed some time but her husband disagreed. Rick went storming into his sister-in-law's office and told her exactly how he felt.

He reminded Nicole that he and Maya are the only parents Lizzie knows and that the plan all along was for Nicole to give her up. Rick tells his sister-in-law that she needs to sign the papers, but Nicole just looks at him.

Rick can be ruthless when it comes to business and he most certainly will pull out all stops to keep his daughter.

He is Lizzie's biological father and Nicole consented to be artificially inseminated with his sperm. It's obvious that neither Nicole or her father are considering this fact. The situation is not as cut and dry as they believe. Spoiler alerts do not yet indicate what Nicole will do. Whether she listens to her father or her brother-in-law, someone is going to be hurting. Julius and Rick need to back off and let this young lady make a clear-headed decision all on her own.