"The Bold and the Beautiful" is really going to stir things up on Monday, June 19th. It seems they are getting fans ready for a long and hot summer with a possible nasty court battle. According to spoiler alerts, the legal custody of Lizzie Forrester is in question. This will change the lives of many in the Forrester family.

Paperwork may change Lizzie's life forever

Recently on "The Bold and the Beautiful" Carter presented Rick with unsettling news. The adoption of little Lizzie is not complete. Carter believes it is as simple as Nicole signing the final paperwork but Rick realizes there may be a problem.

While Rick and Mya were in Paris, Nicole began to bond with the child she gave birth to and gave away to her sister and brother-in-law. Nicole had also just found out that she has scar tissue that most likely happened when she gave birth to her daughter.

Doctors believe this may keep her from having any more biological children. Nicole began processing her situation and turned her anger towards her sister. She was furious Mya stayed an extra week in Paris rather than come home to Lizzie. When Nicole hears that the final adoption papers have not been signed she may have a change of heart and decide she and Zende are better parents than Rick and Mya.

Will Nicole keep Lizzie to raise with Zende

The big reveal on Monday could change everything for the Forrester clan.

Now that Nicole may not be able to give Zende a child of his own, she may decide to keep Lizzie for herself. If she does, Rick and Mya will be devastated. They chose Nicole as the surrogate because this way Lizzie would have Rick's DNA and also genes from the Avant family. No one could have seen this change in events coming.

It's entirely possible that Nicole could have surgery and be able to bear another child, but it is highly unlikely based on her medical reports. Now that she has bonded with Lizzie she will not want to decrease the time she spends with the little girl. While Rick and Mya were in Paris, Nicole's father continually told her that Lizzie knew Nicole was her mother.

He unwittingly, or maybe on purpose, planted the seeds for Nicole to begin seeing Lizzie as her daughter rather than her niece.

The events that begin to unfold on Monday, June 19th will set the stage for who ultimately is awarded legal custody of Lizzie. However this plays out, the Avant and Forrester families lives will be changed, relationships will be altered, and even severed because there was not a final signature on the dotted line.