The first "Pitch Perfect" movie was released in 2012 and was followed by its sequel in 2015. Last summer, leading ladies Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Hailee Steinfeld signed up for the next movie, "Pitch Perfect 3". Kay Cannon, who wrote the previous two movies, signed on for writing the third. Trish Sie is directing the Musical Comedy.

How will the third movie be different from the other two?

The main difference will be that some of the characters have now graduated. The musical comedy has been based in college for the past few years but as the third installment will be following the girls as they say their goodbyes to the Barden Bellas.

With the third movie taking place during the holiday season, there is the possibility that the graduates could be returning to mentor the remaining Barden Bella girls.

The Trebles will not be featured in the movie as actor Skylar Astin announced the story line would be taken in a new direction. It is unknown yet as to whether Fat Amy's love interest, played by Adam DeVine, will be returning. However, long-time fans will be glad to know that the beloved Barden University will be part of the movie, affirming theories that the Barden Bellas and their former comrades will be facing new challenges.

New rivalry to be explored in the third movie installment

"Orange is the New Black" star Ruby Rose has joined the cast this year and is set to play a new rival of the Barden Bella team.

However, Rose is not the only new addition. Other roles have been filled by Trinidad James, DJ Kahled, and John Lithgow. Information about their roles has been kept under wraps, though it is possible that they will be rivals or mentors of some form to the Barden Bellas.

It was recently announced that if a sequel to "Pitch Perfect 3" is to take place, it will be feature a brand new cast.

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A fourth installment has not been announced. It would mean a clean slate for the franchise as they would be, in many regards, restarting the franchise with a brand new cast. It would certainly be interesting to see what the creators could spin out for fans.

"Pitch Perfect 2" did not receive great reviews from critics as is common with sequel movies.

However, this did not influence the success of the movie. Fans rejoiced at the second installment and the hype surrounding the third movie's upcoming release is building. "Pitch Perfect 3" is due to come to theaters in December 2017 with the creators releasing a teaser titled, "Merry Pitchmas".