On "The Bold and the Beautiful," Rick and Mia Forrester seem to have it all. He accepted her as transgender, and they married. Her sister, Nicole, was a surrogate who gave birth to a daughter using Rick's seed. Mia is part of the Forrester dynasty and has a modeling career that is about to take off in Paris. She is unaware, however, that something is brewing back home in LA. It's a situation that might cost her everything.

A chink in the armor for Mia

Rick and Mia traveled to Paris on the Spencer jet with Rick's mom Brooke and her new spouse Bill. Mia did some modeling and has been offered extra assignments if she can stay in France a few days longer.

Back home in LA, Mia's sister Nicole and her husband Zende are babysitting her daughter Lizzie. Nicole has also just been told by her OB-GYN that she has scar tissue that most likely happened when she gave birth to Lizzie. She adds this is the reason Nicole has not yet been able to conceive.

Nicole is broken hearted to think she may never have a child of her own, but in reality she already has. Baby Lizzie is her flesh and blood from her womb. Now that she is keeping her for a few days, Nicole may begin to look at things differently. She carried this child in her body for 9 months, then gave her away to Mia and Rick. If she cannot have another child of her own, she may consider taking legal custody of Lizzie.

Dollar Bill planted the seed of doubt for Mia

As they were headed to Paris on the Spencer jet, Bill pointed out that having Nicole watch Lizzie may not be a good idea because she is the birth mother. Now we have Mia being offered a photo shoot that is going to take a few days. This means Zende and Nicole will be watching Lizzie for a few more days. Mia's sister could indeed bond closer with the child that came from her womb and criticize her sibling for choosing her career over family.

There has been no indication as to whether or not "The Bold and the Beautiful" is going down this particular path. They could just be using it to get ratings. It's possible that Nicole will get pregnant and all will be well. If she does not, it would be logical for her to resent the fact that her good deed was punished rather than rewarded. She could become bitter towards Rick and Mia because they have Lizzie and she cannot give a child to Zende.

Sweet young Nicole could become cold and calculating and even sue her sister and brother-in-law for custody. Rick, however, is a Forrester and also the biological dad, so Nicole will have a fight on her hands should she pursue this path.

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