Roger Smith, an actor who is known for the "77 Sunset Strip" series, has passed away on Sunday due to a terminal illness. The handsome actor and leading man, who was married to Ann Margaret, had retired from his acting career after being diagnosed with myasthenia gravis in 1980. He was 84-year old when he faced his demise at their place in Sherman Oaks.

After his retirement from his career, Smith took care of her wife's career as a manager. He was also able to produce several TV shows. Meanwhile, just before his passing, the couple were able to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on May 8.

Jack Gilardi confirmed the news

It has been known that Smith passed away while he was in the hospital. The news broke and was confirmed by Ann Margaret's agent named Jack Gilardi. On Sunday, an official statement was released to the Associated Press confirming his death; however, the exact cause of death was never revealed.

Smith, who was born in California in 1932, began his acting career in the 1950s. He grew up while taking singing and dance lessons. He was also enrolled in some of the schools' theater productions. Back in the 1950s, Smith has been spotted by James Cagney, who has encouraged him to try a career in the Hollywood.

At the height of his career, Smith was known marrying an Australian actress, Victoria Shaw, and both were blessed with three children before they got divorced in 1965.

A star in the making

After those years which the actor appeared in a handful of films, he eventually earned a role in the "77 Sunset Strip" series, which usually aired on ABC. The actor has captured the audience back then which made him star for a six-season run. Eventually, he had to leave the show back in 1963 after he lost his consciousness at their home.

After the incident, the actor was brought to the hospital and was diagnosed to have a blood clot on his brain. Shortly after that, Smith returned to his acting career. However, back in 1965, he was later diagnosed with an illness that affected all his nerves.

During those times, Smith had begun dating his wife Ann Margaret, and eventually, they got married in 1967 and had been together up to his demise.

Meanwhile, in one of her interviews, Margaret also told the reporters that having Smith in her life made her found all men rolled into one.

She was really happy to find a friend, a lover, a father, a businessman, and a manager in the life of her husband. She even added that Smith is the perfect one for her and she couldn't continue existing without a strong man right by her side.