The "Love Sex Magic" singer, Ciara, has reportedly shed 20-pound of weight after Giving Birth to her daughter, Sienna Princess. The singer has revealed that she has been impressed with the weight she dropped immediately four weeks since she welcomed her baby. Right now, the songstress’ current weight is 178.6 lbs. And she further revealed that she has no intentions of stopping her weight loss goal.

Back when she was pregnant, Ciara has gained around 60 pounds. However, she tried to make her weight loss goal and focus on losing 10lbs in a week. Apparently, she was surprised by the result, and she even thanked her strict fitness and nutrition program coach for putting up with her once again.

Documented weight loss goal

Exactly four weeks after Ciara gave birth to her daughter, she immediately noticed the changes with her post-baby weight. The singer who is currently 31-year old tried to document her weight loss journey through photos. It was on Tuesday when the R&B singer stepped on a weighing scale and documented her current weight through Twitter and Instagram post.

In the caption she wrote, “I said I wasn’t going to gain 60lbs Carrying Sienna, and… I did exactly that!!" Apparently, she was amazed how she lost a number of pounds shortly four weeks after giving birth. It can be noticed on her caption how happy she was for her progress while adding the hashtags #BounceBack and #LevelUp.

Ciara shares about relationship

In one of her interviews, the 31-year old singer has spoken about her relationship with her husband, Russell Wilson. To recall, they tied the knot on July 2016 at Liverpool, England. The songstress also revealed that both of them decided not to have sex before marriage.

Ciara added that both of them focused on strengthening their friendship while building a strong foundation of their relationship.

She also shared that they were once really great friends. Ciara is definitely happy since she shares the same outlook and values in life same with her husband.

Further, the R&B singer is also giving credit to her husband for the kind of relationship they have. According to her, all those views which were applied in their relationship were shared by Russell, and she is happy that it all worked out.

She has also spoken about giving advises to other women. Ciara added, "You shouldn't feel like you have to give your body away to get someone to like you."

Meanwhile, aside from being a mother to her daughter Sienna Princess, the singer-actress also has a son named Future Zahir Wilburn, who is now three years old.