Miles Teller was arrested early Sunday morning and booked for Public Intoxication while out with his friends in San Diego, according to multiple online reports.

Miles Teller was uncooperative with police

According to TMZ's breakdown of events, a police officer approached Teller and his friends as the group was standing on a city sidewalk. The actor reportedly became uncooperative with the officer. The outlet's source said that the cop became suspicious of Teller after he displayed signs of being publicly intoxicated, including slurred speech and trouble maintaining his balance.

At one point, the actor nearly fell into the street. Teller's lack of balance led the officer to handcuff him. However, he wasn't placed under arrest at that point.

Instead, authorities offered the "Thank You for Your Service" star the opportunity to head to one of the city's detox centers. The volunteer-run groups allow people to sleep off their alcohol buzz and avoid catching a charge for public intoxication. However, Teller refused the alternative option. Still, officers decided to transport the "Fantastic Four" star to the center, to allow the actor the opportunity to sober up and avoid arrest.

Once the group reached the center, Teller continued to be uncooperative. The center rejected Teller, leading to his arrest for public intoxication.

He was booked into the San Diego Central Jail, where he stayed for around four hours before he was released.

Miles Teller says he didn't get arrested

While outlets were unable to obtain on-the-record comments from reps for the actor, Teller decided to head to Twitter to tell his version of events.

In his first tweet, Teller said that he was in San Diego to visit with a friend who is being deployed.

The actor admitted that he was detained by police, but he stated that he was not arrested.

In a second tweet, Teller blasted an unnamed "third party entertainment news source," who he said used the headline of his arrest to "get clicks."

Since Teller does not name the website, it's not known which outlet he was referring to, as TMZ, Variety, and Page Six all reported that they had spoken with the San Diego Police Department to confirm that Teller was arrested for public intoxication.

Whether he was arrested or simply detained, the actor could channel his encounter with law enforcement into his new show. Miles Teller is set to appear in the new Amazon series, "Too Old to Die Young," in 2018, where he will portray the role of an angry police officer.