The famous comedian, Amy Schumer, has started the promotions of her forthcoming film, “Snatched,” alongside Wanda Sykes and other cast members.

Schumer finds herself in serious trouble in the latest promotion video of her movie. In the clip, she realizes that a mysterious creature has entered her bedroom. The monster is hiding under her bed, calling Wanda and Amy for help.

Who is this creature and where did it come from? Suddenly, the telephone rings, and Amy is shocked to hear a strange voice coming from the other side. Someone is laughing at her and sounds scary.

It seems that the creature has taken over the control of her house, and will soon kill Amy.

The release date for ‘Snatched.'

Though the film was released in the United States on May 12, it is set to release in Canada and Europe on May 19, 2017. “Snatched” is an action film directed and co-produced by Jonathan Levine and scripted by Katie Dippold. It features Goldie Hawn, Oscar Jaenada, Christopher Meloni, Wanda Sykes, Joan Cusack, and Ike Barinholtz.

The story revolves around a mother and daughter who become a part of an adventure, but things go wrong as they encounter weird creatures. Tom Batman, Randal Park, and Katie Dippold play James, Michael, and Shopper, respectively.

In January 2016, it was reported that Goldie Hawn was in talks to play the lead in “Snatched.” In June 2016, Meloni, Barinholtz, Sykes, and Jaenada were added to the cast.

Principal photography began in August 2016 and wrapped in January 2017.

Amy Schumer – a fabulous actress

The comedian is set to star alongside Goldie Hawn in “Snatched,” which marks the latter’s first cinematic appearance in fifteen years.

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Ahead of the film’s release in the United Kingdom and Canada on May 19, a final promotional sketch and a full-length trailer have arrived online.

Born in 1981, Amy Beth Schumer is a talented actress, stand-up comedian, and film producer. She is best known for her works in “Sense Memory,” “Sleepwalk with Me,” “Price Check,” “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World,” “Trainwreck,” and “Thank You for Your Service.” Her famous television series are “Live at Gotham,” “Last Comic Standing,” “Reality Bites Back,” “Cupid,” “30 Rock,” “Comedy Central Presents,” “Delocated,” “Louie,” “Girls,” and “Saturday Night Live.”

She received a master's degree from Towson University in 2003 and moved to New York City, where Schumer started as a television presenter. In January 2016, she admitted that she had a relationship with furniture designer Ben Hanisch.