The moment the “Light of the Seven” theme began to play, I have to admit I got goosebumps. For those of you who don’t remember, “Light of the Seven” was the theme being played in the opening scene of last year’s season finale when Cersei burned down the Sept of Baelor.

trailer #2 for Season 7 of ‘Game of Thrones’ was chopped full of new material that wasn’t previously shown, as well as new shots of things teased at in the previous trailer. If the first trailer didn’t get you sufficiently hyped, the second one will.

Trailer Breakdown

Let’s start off with the things that were already shown in the previous trailer.

I am of course talking about the four key scenes that were focused on heavily in this trailer: Dany arriving at Dragonstone, the Unsullied taking Casterly Rock, the Dothraki fighting the Lannister army, and Jon fighting the White Walkers north of the Wall.

While nothing necessarily new was shown involving Dany taking back her family’s castle, one thing of substance was Jon’s speech that was being played during those scenes. This part of the trailer seems to heavily indicate that two of them will meet this season which was already partially spoiled after photos from the set were leaked. While it wasn’t necessarily important to the overall story, I have to say it was pretty cathartic to see Dany tear down Stannis’s old banner in the trailer.

New shots of the Unsullied taking a castle were also shown in the trailer.

While there isn’t really enough footage to tell what castle it is, it does seem to be a castle that hasn’t been shown yet. This may indicate that we’ll finally see Casterly Rock, the Lannister’s castle, which would make sense considering Dany will be at war with them after all.

We also got a few new shots of the massive battle between the Dothraki and the Lannister army in which it seems as though Jamie will be there commanding his troops.

While we got to see some new footage of Jamie’s strategy to fight against the Dothraki, arguably the most exciting part was seeing Jamie charging into battle himself. Hopefully, all that training with Bron will finally pay off.

But of all the stuff that was previously shown in the last trailer, perhaps no scene was highlighted more in this trailer than the scenes of Jon and his entourage fighting beyond the Wall.

We got, even more, shots of Jon fighting wights, the undead soldiers of the White Walkers, as well as a shot of Jon fighting another White Walker.

There were also some familiar faces shown in these scenes as well including the Hound and Beric Dondarrion, meaning the Brotherhood without Banners will be with Jon when he travels north of the Wall. However, no scene was more intriguing than when Jon see’s the hordes of wights already surrounding him suddenly stop. This may indicate that we will finally get a scene of Jon and the Night King meeting face to face.

New Scenes

Unlike the last trailer, we got a new shot of Bran this season. Based on the trailer, it seems as though Bran will be getting more help in which he is seen in the same type of wheelchair that Doran Martell had.

Seeing as it’s highly unlikely that Meera Reed manages to build one for him, this indicates that Bran and Meera will either be rescued by Jon or will meet new characters north of the Wall. As one would already expect, Bran will be warging quite a bit this season which always offers up a lot of potential for story development as well as big reveals.

Perhaps the most enigmatic scenes in the trailer were the shots of the mystery men. The first shot was of a man whose face was obscured by the glare of the sun as he was drawing his sword. The second shot included several men by a rowboat in which one of them stumbles and falls to his knee. The first mystery man could be either from one of Bran’s flashbacks or a new character entirely.

However, the mystery men by the rowboat could prove to be something a lot of fans have been waiting for.

The simpler guess is that it’s Theon and some of his men looking defeated after escaping a crushing loss to Euron during the big naval battle shown in the trailer. But the more exciting possibility is that it’s none other than Gendry looking incredibly exhausted after rowing for three and a half seasons.

The new scenes shown in King’s Landing are certainly ripe for speculation as well. The shot of the crowd of angry commoners by the gate of the Red Keep shows that the residents of King’s Landing are certainly anything but happy with the notion of Cersei ruling over them in name and authority. While this certainly shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, it did seem odd that there was no negative backlash shown after Cersei blew up the Sept of Baelor and crowned herself last season.

It seems likely we’ll get plenty of scenes involving the civil unrest in King’s Landing.

Arguably the most intriguing scene shown in the trailer was the massive fleet of Greyjoy ships approaching King’s Landing. Upon first glance, one would assume that it must be Dany’s fleet considering the fact that Theon and Yara gave her plenty of their own ships. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the sigil on the sails isn’t the same one commonly associated with House Greyjoy. While it does indeed feature a Kraken with the black and gold color scheme, the Kraken is clearly tilted to the right, which means that isn’t Dany’s fleet, that belongs to Euron.

When Euron initially announced his plan at the Kingsmoot, part of it involved marrying himself off to Dany in order to combine their forces.

Since Theon and Yara beat him to it, it seems as though Euron will try to find another powerful queen to give his fleet to. While it’s doubtful that Cersei will actually marry him, the likelihood of them combining forces this season seems more than likely based on the trailer.

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