Amber Portwood has been incredibly emotional on the last few episodes of "Teen Mom OG." She has been dealing with some difficult things, including her feelings about getting married. Portwood has been dating Matt Baier for a few years now, and they continue to dominate the headlines. In fact, they are likely the most talked about couple in the franchise right now. From bombshells about how many kids he has to a cheating scandal, these two can't seem to get away from the negative publicity.

Amber suffers breakdown in Puerto Rico

The upcoming episode of "Teen Mom OG" was filmed in Puerto Rico.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Amber Portwood has a breakdown when a conversation she is having with Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra takes an uncomfortable turn. They are talking about having similar histories with parents who weren't around and had substance abuse issues. Portwood talks minimally about her dad before Matt Baier chimes in and she becomes upset. After asking him to stop and being ignored, she reportedly walks off.

Fans have been concerned about Amber and her choice to continue her relationship with Matt Baier. When they initially got together and went to Las Vegas, he displayed clear signs of anger issues. It was discussed and many believed Amber would talk away. Unfortunately, that is not how things played out.

They have been engaged for a while now and were supposed to be married last October. Amber postponed the wedding and they had planned on tying the knot during October this year, but that has also been postponed due to another scandal.

Cheating scandal

Matt Baier is smack in the middle of a cheating scandal. Several blogs have written about the woman he reportedly cheated with, one of them even supplying part of a phone call with Baier.

Amber Portwood asked him to take a lie detector test a few weeks ago and he obliged. There were rumors the two had split after that, but they have since confirmed they are still living together. It is one mess after another with this "Teen Mom OG" couple and right now, no one knows who to believe.

In a now deleted Twitter rant, Amber Portwood went off on people about doubting Matt Baier.

She said that he took two lie detector tests and passed both. Also, the way he treated her during the last "Teen Mom OG" episode was explained away by him claiming to have a pill relapse and blackout. Critics aren't buying what he is selling, and that has Amber Portwood incredibly frustrated.