Hey, "Fear The Walking Dead" fans, we're about to see the peace get heavily disturbed by a new threat and more in this upcoming episode 5 of season 3. Alicia is going to be forced to have to deal with some past issues. New answers will be sought after by Troy and Madison at some point. These new spoilers were supplied by AMC. Spoiler TV posted them on their website.

Burning in water, drowning in flame

There's also a pretty interesting title to go along with this installment. It's called, "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame." According to their teaser description, the little bit of peace that the Clark family and company have been experiencing on that ranch is about to come to an end.

They revealed that a new threat is going to arrive on the scene and disrupt whatever peace they had going on!

Who will this enemy be? Will the town be able to get rid of them? Those are the big questions for this particular storyline. It definitely sounds like it could deliver some very intense and dramatic scenes to look forward to. Actually, it's possible that we may get to see an early glimpse of this new enemy in the new preview clips that we expect AMC to release later on tonight after episode 4 wraps up. So, be sure to look for those. We're sure that they will at least reveal some extra details that aren't mentioned in this synopsis.

Track down

Next, they revealed that there's going to be a scene or a few scenes that feature Troy and Madison.

They say that these two will be quite busy trying to track down new answers. They didn't mention if they'll be searching together so we don't know if they will be teaming up or not. However, putting both their names in the same sentence like that does kind of imply that they might team up. We'll just have to wait and see. This situation does leave us with an air of intrigue.

What answers will they be searching for? Will they find what they're seeking to find? Hopefully, this episode will reveal all of that. However, since this is a 16-episode season, it wouldn't surprise me if they stretched this storyline out over a few of them.

Reconcile with her past

In this last scoop, they revealed that Alicia will be dealing with some pretty serious-sounding issues.

They say that she is going to have to reconcile with her past. So, that definitely sounds extremely intriguing. What are these things that she'll need to reconcile? Will she be able to successfully deal with them? They didn't offer us anymore information about that so we're definitely going to have to tune in to find out what her issues entail. There's no doubt that her scenes will be interesting though.

Alright, that is the conclusion of our little spoiler session. Again, be sure to look for those new episode 5 preview clips later on tonight to get extra information about the storylines we just mentioned. It has been confirmed that episode 5 is due to show up next Sunday night, June 25,2017 at 8pm central time on AMC. Stay tuned.