Simon Saran is arguably one of the biggest stars of "Teen Mom OG." He is the on-again-off-again boyfriend of Farrah Abraham. The two are constantly being filmed together, despite the fact that she often claims they are just friends. Saran has changed Abraham for the better according to some and while that may be true, his contributions to the "Teen Mom" franchise go way beyond dating one of the moms.

Simon clowns everyone

If you aren't following Simon Saran on Twitter, you should be. The new season of "Teen Mom OG" has shown some ups and downs between him and Farrah Abraham, but the two are seemingly back together as he spent her birthday with her.

Because of the drama, Saran has been letting his feelings be known. Debra Danielsen made comments about Simon being a gold digger and only being after her daughter for the money. When he clapped back, Debra was roasted all the way. His followers chimed in and it was downhill from there.

Debra Danielsen isn't the only "Teen Mom OG" persona Simon Saran has clowned. He is always posting rants and spilling the tea about the other moms. His Snapchat roasts were made famous last year when fans asked for more after they watched his take from being inside as the drama unfolded.

While there are some who would rather see Saran disappear from the franchise, it appears he isn't going anywhere.

Simon spills the tea on Ryan Edwards

The drama going on with "Teen Mom OG" star Ryan Edwards has been making headlines and now, Simon Saran is spilling the tea. He tweeted about a member of the crew giving Edwards pills during shoots.

Saran named and shamed, though there is no way of knowing whether the accusation is true or not. However, being that Ryan is in rehab for something that has not been confirmed, it doesn't seem too far off base. There has been no comment from anyone related to Edwards regarding the accusation spouted off by Simon, and fans are eagerly waiting to see how that will play out.

"Teen Mom OG" will be having the reunion air in just a few weeks. It was taped over the weekend and fans are hoping Simon Saran was there so he can spill more tea. His comments are comical and people seem to enjoy hearing what he has to say. Despite the tumultuous relationship with Farrah Abraham, it seems like they are made for one another. At this point, it is unclear where they relationship stands and whether or not they are friends or romantically serious. As the season winds down, you can count on Simon Saran to keep things interesting.