"Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham's recent news has been making the Internet rounds for the past several days. There has been speculation that Farrah may have become engaged to boyfriend Simon Saran, and that she could also be pregnant with his baby!

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran: Will these two ever walk down the aisle?

With all the latest Farrah Abraham news circulating, Radar Online felt the need to get down to the nitty-gritty of it all and talk directly to Farrah's boyfriend Simon for the real answers.

Simon Saran comes clean about his relationship with Farrah

So, did Simon Saran propose to Farrah on her recent 26th birthday?

Simon admitted to planning a spectacular birthday surprise for Farrah. The night started off with a super romantic dinner on the beach in Jamacia. Simon did it up right, too. Farrah was recorded walking on the beach to a table set for two surrounded by lights in the shape of a heart, and fans automatically began to speculate that Simon would get down on one knee and propose to the reality/porn star.

The video was shared on Farrah's Instagram account and fans went crazy with comments all urging Simon to "ask her," and "go ahead and marry her already." However, the romantic beach dinner was a big surprise and Simon did not ask Farrah to be his bride, not yet anyway. He has, however, hinted that a proposal could be coming in the very near future.

This hopeful proposal was not the only Farrah Abraham speculation this week, as fans began asking if Abraham could possibly be pregnant again, this time with Simon's child after a photo appeared on Instagram that looked as if Farrah could be sporting the early signs of a baby bump. Again, Simon had to address those rumors and said that they were false.

Simon claimed Farrah is not pregnant, and that she may have just been looking particularly bloated that day from drinking too much "Dr. Pepper with her breakfast."

Farrah hasn't had too much to say of late about pushing Simon Saran into an engagement. But, reality television fans are well aware that Farrah bought herself an engagement ring.

Abraham made it clear on "Teen Mom OG" that she was hoping and expecting that Simon would take the hint, propose to her and reimburse her for the ring, but, so far neither has happened.

“I thought he was going to propose, and nothing’s ever happened. I’ve had this ring. Simon still has not paid me back for it," stated Farrah on "Teen Mom OG."

Saran has yet to take the hint, it seems. Some fans truly believe that Simon is just riding the coattails of Abraham's "Teen Mom" success. What are your thoughts? Will Simon Saran ever ask Farrah Abraham to marry him, or are some fans correct in believing that he is only using her for the time being?