"Stranger Things" is a Netflix Original series, created by the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer. It was released on Netflix in 2016 and since it has developed a cult following. This TV drama, based in the 1980's, holds the audience captive with both its science fiction and horror elements.

Is the 'Stranger Things' gang getting a new member?

Fans of Season One will already be familiar with characters Eleven, Mike, Lucas and Dustin. This season one character make up a 1980's style "Mystery Crew" as they try to find their missing friend Will. Bringing childlike innocence and determination to the screen, fans immediately fell in love with the group.

As season one progressed so did these characters, as they became introduced to the adult world and experienced this change together.

Season Two of "Stranger Things" will see the addition of new characters. One, in particular, is the 13-year-old Max: described as a tough and confident character, the new girl in town is rumored to become a source of romantic interest for both Lucas and Dustin. Does this mean that she will integrate into the group? If so, will the boys' tell her about The Upside Down?

It will certainly be interesting for fans to see another female character of the same age compared to Eleven. One has to wonder if the two will be friendly in the series, once Eleven makes her eventual return.

The possibility of a friendship story arc between the two would reveal another side to Eleven that fans have not seen. However, it is also possible that a rivalry will develop between the girls, which would be equally as entertaining.

New characters added to the mix and they are certain to cause some drama

Other characters being added to the mix in "Stranger Things" season two is Max's older step-brother, Billy.

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Unlike his sister, the 17-year-old is not finding it easy to find his place in Hawkins, Indiana. One would expect that Billy would find himself drawn into the older group of teenagers featured on the show. A possible friendship with character Johnathan would help the development of his character as in season one the teen did not appear to have any friends.

It appears as if the show is bringing in new members for each of the age groups on "Stranger Things." The final addition to the show is character Roman, aged between his thirties and forties. Could he be a potential love interest for Joyce, played by Winona Ryder?

Coming soon

"Stranger Things" season two will be released in the Halloween of 2017 on October 31st. The second installment of the series is being viewed by creators as more of a sequel than a second season. Show runners have teased that fans may not have seen the last of creatures like The Demogorgan. This fuels the belief that the horror will be better than ever in "Stranger Things" season two return.