Most of us will agree that Rebecca Sugar created one of the most wonderful and the smartest things in the cartoon world with "Steven Universe." The cartoon series attracted a huge fan base which includes both children and adults.

With Season 4 ending with Steven heading to the Homeworld to rescue the gems and his human friends from Topaz and Aquamarine, the next "Steven Universe" Season 5 will feature the explosive battle between the Diamonds and the Gems. After Cartoon Network announced via Twitter that the premiere date of Season 5 would be on May 8, things are going on fast.

However, there is also a possibility that “Steven Universe” Season 5 will be the #final season for the cartoon series.

During her recent interview with Newsrama, Sugar mentioned that they are already talking about the possible endgame for the Cartoon Network series. However, the Cartoon Network creator also promised to end "Steven Universe" with a bang to treat each and every fan of the cartoon series.

Longer hiatus for the next episodes

The return date of the fifth season of "Steven Universe" is keeping a lot of fans wondering if the Cartoon Network series will once again be on #hiatus, similar to their previous seasons. After airing the fourth episode entitled "Lars' Head," there are rumors that the new episodes will start airing in July.

However, a lot of fans are fearing that the next episodes might take longer than expected after speculations that the next episodes will mark the end of the series.

Steven to discover his new power

While fans are waiting for the return date of "Steven Universe" Season 5, Sugar teased that the main character will be coming back with a #new power in the next episodes.

During her interview with The Verge, the series creator mentioned that Steven is on the stage of realizing his magic Gem powers. To fully utilize this power, he would need to understand the power himself to define it and make his own choices.

The latest episode of the fifth season showed Steven healing and bring his friend Lars back to life.

When Lars came back to life, he had the same powers as Lion when he returned to life as well. If the rumors are true, "Steven Universe" Season 5 will feature the most intense battle between the Diamonds and the Gems which will also mark the end of the popular cartoon series. Who will win once they battle against each other? Will Steven use his new power and ability to defeat the Diamonds?