Cartoon Network just recently revealed that "Steven Universe" Season 5 is finally happening soon. While the update may seem to be nothing but good news for the fans, the promo hints that it's not going to be all rainbows and butterflies in the next instalment. As a matter of fact, the upcoming release of the fifth season may actually spell more bad news than good.

After the 4th installment ended, nothing much was said about the beloved Cartoon Network animated television series. So when the company finally revealed that the new episodes will premiere on May 8, fans were excited with the news, until they saw the short clip for the next instalment.

The announcement of the show's air date was accompanied by a 49-second teaser that seemingly hinted that the viewers will be in for an emotional rollercoaster.

Is this the end?

The clip showed recaps of Steven's previous adventures and it also included new ones from the upcoming episodes. Die-hard fans who have already invested time and energy into the CN show will definitely be getting some tissues ready for the heartbreaking scenes. "Steven Universe" may still be considered as a fresh show compared to other veteran animated series, but despite being somewhat new and popular, rumor has it that Cartoon Network may already be close to ending the hit show.

Many would agree that "Steven Universe" season 4 ended abruptly.

Fans were understandably shocked that the Cartoon Network show suddenly concluded without getting a satisfying season finale. While most viewers were confused, some took the sudden exit as a little cliffhanger of the show to give "Steven Universe" season 5 an amazing first episode. However, a report revealed that the new set of episodes that will be released this month are actually still a part of season 4 and not season 5.

Cartoon Network show to end with a big bang?

Meanwhile, series creator Rebecca Sugar previously revealed that she was planning something big for “Steven Universe” season 5. However, the creator’s reply in a recent interview gave fans hope that there may still be a chance for more seasons. “I have big plans for that season!” Rebecca Sugar told NewsaRama.

“Endgame or not I’m shooting for the moon, I’m going to write us into a serious corner!” Writer Lamar Abrams then noted that the fate of the show is in Sugar's hands. "I’ll draw as long as Rebecca wants me to," he said.