Steven UniverseSeason 5 started on Monday and fans were treated to an hour-long special as part of the “Wanted” event. The lead character himself went to Homeworld with Lars and from there the lingering questions about the show’s secrets have been finally answered.

The previous seasons of the animated television series raised the mystery of Homeworld’s interest in taking Steven into custody to hold him responsible for his mother’s deeds. Peridot, Jasper, and a bunch of Rubies failed to capture the protagonist, but Aquamarine and Topaz managed to get him.

Pink’s devastation

As Aquamarine and Topaz took Stephen into custody, they" gave us our best look at what all has been going on between the Diamonds since they learned of his existence," io9 reported. But, as he was brought to the Gem Homeworld, he was put on a trial for the crimes of Rose Quartz’.

When he was being cross-examined by a couple of Zircons, it was revealed that there was a big possibility that the situation of the Pink was more complicated than expected. Blue Diamond was expecting to hear that Pink was killed by another predator and not by Rose. Yellow, on the other hand, was trying to reject that idea, thinking that she really did it.

While Blue and Yellow were having an altercation, Lars and Steven took advantage of the moment and escaped the Diamonds.

And finally, they have tried to live life on Homeworld. Although they were constantly followed by the roaming eyes of the Diamonds they were saved by a "ragtag group of “off-color” gems."

The dictatorial regime

Evidently, “Steven Universe” Season 5 has alluded to the social group system of Homeworld in the past. The Rutile Twins, Padparadscha, Rhodonite, and Fluorite are all honest in telling humans that the Homeworld actually destroys the useless Gems.

In fact, the people’s judgment of Rose can be divided into their own beliefs. Some might find her actions to be treacherous while others can clearly see the rebellion was caused by the Homeworld’s authoritarian ways.

The new episodes also depicted that being an Other can be a sure way to get destroyed. In fact, what Rose did really alarm everyone over the Homeworld Gems.

The newly released installments showed the reconsideration of the context of Peridot and Lapis’ decision to join the Crystal Gems. Being united with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl was not just about trying to find friendship on earth, but also their action against the regime that wanted to see them dead.