Spencer Cassadine has been in rare form since he returned to Port Charles. He has been over the top in trying to manipulate his grandmother Laura and initiated a food fight with Elizabeth's son Cameron. Now, the young prince is having a hard time adjusting to living with his cousins Rocco and Charlotte. He is acting like a spoiled brat because his father Nicholas was murdered but grandma Laura seems to be on top of it.

The life of a prince compared with that of a pauper

Spencer was raised in the lap of luxury in the Cassadine mansion. As a young boy, he flaunted his power and position in front of the other children in Port Charles.

At one point he believed he could buy the love of Emma Drake and keep her from Cameron, whose family is not so wealthy. Recently Spencer conned his way out of a private school in Paris, booked a flight to America, and utilized UBER to show up on his grandmother's doorstep. Since his return, the young prince has been acting out every chance he gets.

Laura and Spencer are bunking in the loft with LuLu, Dante, Rocco, and Charlotte. On Friday's episode of "General Hospital," the young Cassadine Prince came in from an outing complaining about Charlotte and talking about how her father Valentin stole his home. Laura explained to her grandson that he should not blame his cousin for what her father did. She tells him that Charlotte is no more responsible for what Valentin did than Spencer is for the crimes committed by his great grandma Helena Cassadine.

Spencer seems to be in agreement, but a few moments later he trashes a puzzle that Charlotte and Rocco had been putting together. Spencer is an only child who is not used to sharing. The Cassadine prince only knows how to give commands and have others obey. He really believes he is Lord of the manor and that his every wish should be granted. Spencer basically is a spoiled brat.

To be fair, he is also dealing with the fact that Charlotte's father Valentin shot his father Nicholas to death, and now, the boy is no longer able to live in the home he grew up in.

The young prince will have a new beginning

After Spencer began acting out Laura called her sweetie Dr. Kevin Collins. He came immediately and took Laura and her grandson out to ease the tension.

As they were eating lunch Laura shares how Lulu's place is too crowded. She says that she and her grandson must find somewhere else to live. Kevin tells her they can both move in with him and Laura seems elated. This may be just what the Cassadine prince needs.

Spencer is a piece of work but he is not maicious. He is lovable and witty, and simply not used to sharing his living quarters. Perhaps a new beginning with Laura and Kevin, who is a psychologist, will help during this time of transition, and maybe one day he can reclaim the mansion his father wanted him to have and truly be Lord of the manor.

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