During this past week of the "General Hospital" Nurses Ball there was a lot of talk about Spencer Cassadine. Young Spencer was whisked away to boarding school to keep him out of the clutches of his uncle Valentin who shot his father Nicholas to death. On March 8th his TV grandmother Genie Francis tweeted that Spencer would soon return. Fans hoped it would be for the ball but that is over and done.

Prince Cassadine

Nicholas Bechtel is a unique talent and "General Hospital" is wise to make use of him. This young man can warm the heart while making you laugh simultaneously. His over the top antics when he was seeking the love of Emma Drake were hilarious.

Spencer is not above using his title when it suits him. He often plays the Prince card attempting to get whatever he wants. His father Nicholas and grandma Laura almost always put him in his place.

Prince Spencer Stephan Nikiovich Cassadine is clever and witty, with wisdom way beyond his years. He convincingly pulled off grieving for his "dead" father, even though he knew Nicholas was still alive. It's difficult to believe this cute, angelic-looking child has the same blood as Helena Cassadine running through his veins.

Spencer and The Nurses Ball

Jake Weber and Spencer are cousins because Spencer's late mother Courtney and Jake's dad Jason were siblings. Jake received a magic kit in the mail for his birthday that was supposedly sent by Spencer.

Both Laura and Emma insisted that Spencer was going to bring a gift for Jake's birthday so he could give it to him in person. The magic kit actually had come from Spencer's dead great grandma Helena. She programmed Jake to use it at The Nurses Ball to make all of Port Charles disappear. How she set it up to be delivered in time for the gala has not yet been addressed.

It appeared on Thursday that Helena had once more returned from the dead, as Jake was talking to her. On Friday viewers realized Jake was only imagining that he was seeing Spencer's great granny. The magic kit and its contents, however, are very real. As Jake begins performing, Laura is so troubled that she tells Jake's dad Jason that there is no way Spencer sent that gift.

When Jake removes a canister from the box with an image of a Chimera on it Jason tries to stop his son but it's too late. Jake presses a button and lights begin blinking. Whatever the Chimera is, it has been activated.

All of those who remained after the ball are in grave danger. Perhaps Jason can deactivate the Chimera or get it out of the building so it causes no damage. Once this is over things may settle down for a bit in Port Charles, and Prince Spencer will make his grand entrance in time for his cousin's birthday. Spencer can then give Jake the gift that he actually purchased for him.

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