Scott Stapp is living a welcome, well-earned and unique renaissance in life and his decades-long career. The Creed and Art of Anarchy front man has not had room for a jot or a dash on his calendar in almost two years. His faithful fans can slather on the sunscreen, and look forward to singing along with the beloved baritone all summer long.

Billboard and other music sources have made the announcement that Scott Stapp will be headlining the Make America Rock Again Tour. The singer-songwriter of indelible anthems of hope and higher power is in the midst of another solo tour right now and receiving rave reviews.

Fans will hardly need to unpack before embarking on more road trips and musical journeys with Scott Stapp. He’s going to be joined by some high-powered rock companions, too.

Good company

Almost no American band in rock history compares in terms of success with Creed, and Scott Stapp has been the standard-bearer for the songs that no one in his audiences ever wants to stop singing. His catalog of classics that chronicle the struggles of living in faith while leading real life could fill hours onstage by themselves. Scott will have some familiar friends and musical partners for the summer stint. Sick Puppies, Drowning Pool, Adelitas Way, and Trapt will fill the marquee alongside Stapp and his backing band.

The 2016 run of Make America Rock Again drew 100,000 fans, making the franchise a yearly favorite.

This bill has no strangers to Stapp and his long-time fans. Trapt, Drowning Pool, and. Sick Puppies, all came up in the mid-90s alt-rock era and crossed paths on the road and on the charts at various times. Adelitas Way has supported both Creed and Scott Stapp in several outings.

Scott Stapp has toured and recorded incessantly since last year. In between solo tours, he co-wrote and recorded songs for Art of Anarchy’s album, “The Madness” and followed up with an East Coast tour trek to mark the release. AOA lead guitarist, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, is lending his talents for Scott's current solo tour, which brings him to Washington state tonight.

Music everywhere

The Make America Rock Again Tour revs up in Sturgis, SD at the Buffalo Chip on August 4, and is expected to hit 40 cities. For the unforgettable singer who pours unquenchable passion into every note, even when he hardly has time to catch a breath between dates, the thrill is far from gone. “I'm excited to headline Make America Rock Again,” Scott affirms. “We’ve not a great lineup that I'm looking forward to touring with,” the front man explained, pledging “a great summer of rock ‘n roll” for the bands and fans together.

Some dates will feature special artists for guest appearances, and some will offer more casual and personal time with the musicians, such as barbecues and meet and greet opportunities.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, June 2, at the Make America Rock Again website. Between solo shows, this mammoth musical tour, and new music, Scott Stapp promises to keep hearts higher and more hopeful than ever this summer.