Creed co-founder and frontman, Scott Stapp, shares the pain and loss of countless others in the sudden loss of Chris Cornell. Beyond being part of the lore of grunge, post-grunge, or any label thrown onto their shared genre of rock. Scott Stapp and Chris Cornell both created songs about higher and deeper subjects rather than resorting to rage all revolt as an answer to life's strife. Scott Stapp created anthems of hope that stirred countless hearts to hold on and believe for the “something left” on the other side of every struggle. The lyricist and lead singer is now out on his “Live and Unplugged Tour” celebrating the 20th anniversary of Creed’s seminal debut album, “My Own Prison.” He took time from his concert stage in Pennsylvania to pay tribute and heart and voice to Chris Cornell and offered lasting kudos to Cornell for his vocal versatility.

Moments of homage from Pennsylvania

Scott Stapp was performing at the Pullo Center in York, Pennsylvania on May 18. He was joined on stage by his Art of Anarchy bandmate, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, who is providing his string mastery acoustic style for this outing. Ben Flanders and Dango Cellan, members of Stapp’s solo touring band, round out the ensemble. “Keep them in our hearts and prayers,” Stapp asked for Cornell's family and loved ones. He continued, “Sing it if you know it,” before leading into the chorus of “Black Hole Sun.”

Voices joined in unison, and a few in the audience stood out of respect. The mood already perfectly suited the mood for the salute, as glowing candelabras adorned the sides of the stage. The opening led into “One Last Breath,” which embodies the pain of precariously holding on “six feet from the edge” before at last reclaiming the hope for life.

‘Greatest pure rock singer’

In addition to the living moment from the stage, Scott Stapp credited Chris Cornell as being at the top of his list as the “greatest pure rock singer” in a Loudwire podcast. The interview was conducted long before this week's devastating tragedy. It seemed that Stapp could not run out of praise for the Soundgarden singer’s gifts.

Above Cornell’s “range and style” and ability to “bring it” as a singer, songwriter, and performer, Stapp most respected his deftness to “incite emotion” from every artistic aspect. Millions of fans would concur that Scott Stapp shares that inheritance of passion.

Painful truth and eternal legacy

Many bands, from Stone Sour to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, have joined Scott Stapp in honoring Chris Cornell.

These expressions are more than just a nod from one artist to the other between this singer-songwriter to Cornell. The artists crossed paths in many ways through the rise, ebbs, and flows of their careers, and were touring partners in 2011. Chris Cornell's family has issued a statement, suggesting that the prescription drug, Ativan, may have contributed to his death, beyond the reported evidence of suicide. Further toxicology tests have been ordered. Scott Stapp has been extremely transparent and truthful about his recovery journey, and his lifestyle choices in managing his treatment for bipolar disorder.

For every person, no promise of tomorrow is ever given. What does live on is the legacy of life, art, song, and passion that can never be forgotten.

Chris Cornell and Scott Stapp have imprinted hearts and lives forever. Here’s to life and music.

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