The Flashseason 3 has been so far the most thrilling installment of The CW series, but it seems like many secrets are yet to be revealed. While Savitar’s goal is to kill Iris West (Candice Patton), he ended up being defeated and shot by West after the last attempt of killing Grant Gustin's role, Barry Allen. Savitar was erased from his existence, and Team Flash managed to secure a brighter future for Central City.

Team Flash’s victory is obviously a big deal since it is the god of speed we are talking about here. However, one cannot deny that after he was erased from existence, several mysteries remained unsolved.

Is Jesse Quick a villain?

Jesse Quick, played by Violett Beane, was able to make a very bold move in “The Flash” Season 3, episode 16. When Wally’s (Keiynan Lonsdale) life was at stake, she decided to track down Savitar alone using a piece of suit Allen got from the said villain. Unfortunately, as expected, she was no match for Savitar and was held captive for a time.

There was a scene where Savitar uttered to her, “I have such plans for you in the future Jesse Quick.” Those moments have been significant for Team Flash because then, they realized he is not a god and is the complicated time remnant of Barry Allen. On the other hand, due to Savitar’s death, viewers did not find out what the villain has prepared for Jesse Quick.

Jesse Quick’s potential role for Savitar in ‘The Flash’ season 3

According to Movie Pilot, there is a possibility that Quick built Savitar’s suit from the future. Beane’s role is known for being a genius like her father, Harrison Wells. In another theory, it is also possible that she was used for emotional leverage.

In episode 19, people saw Barry Allen traveling to the future in order to get clues about Savitar’s identity.

He met team Flash there, where Cisco, aka Vibe (Carlos Valdes), was impaired and the same goes for Wally West, who is sitting in a wheelchair. Cisco explained to Barry in 2024 that Wally had a physical trauma. He added Wally witnessed something that sent him into the catatonic state.

Aside from his family, who could break Wally’s heart the most?

Speculations suggest this is how Jesse Quick could contribute to Savitar’s agenda. Adding fuel to the fire, she was not seen as well in the episode where Barry Allen went to the future. Hopefully, Jesse and Wally can have a peaceful relationship in the upcoming season. Stay tuned for more updates!