The 21st of May marked the finale of seven big seasons of Fox entertainment's most famous animated television sitcom, "Bob’s Burgers." Ever since the finale, fanatics both new and old have wondered if the show will continue any further or will this be the end of what is undoubtedly an epic run for a largely successful sitcom. To everybody’s amazement and satisfaction, Fox has decided to bring back Bob’s Burgers for a brand new and fresh season eight.

Season 8 air date details and more

Loren Bouchard, the creator of the show, had signed a contract for two more seasons with Fox entertainment.

Despite a negligible decline in ratings of season seven in comparison to season six of the show, the contract signed on October 2015 had given way to a truckload of new episodes and a scope of hitting a double century, considering the sitcom had already hit 129 episodes successfully. By the end of its seventh season, the show had managed to garner a little more than two million viewers worldwide.

There was a competition announced on the 2nd of March this year regarding submissions of fan art about the show. The art was said to be used in the season premiere of the eighth installment of the sitcom, and that the episode would be framed around selected art from all the top submissions. It was revealed that the supposed air date for the pilot of season eight would be September 24, 2017, and the episode has been named Brunchsquatch.

The season premiere Brunchsquatch will also be a star-studded extravaganza with the return of Kevin Kline (from the season 7 finale). And there were guest appearances from Zach Galifianakis, Jennifer Smedley, John Early, and Brian Gattas, along with our very own and beloved Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Kristen Schall, Eugene Mirman and Dan Mintz, marking the 130th episode of the "Bob’s Burgers" franchise.

Is this going to be one hell of a season premiere or what? We are super pumped, and knowing this you should be too!

Bonus episode of Season 7

The seventh season ended with its last episode titled “Paraders of the Lost Float,” which is considered the official season finale.

Despite this fact, Fox entertainment dropped another special episode on June 11, which was considered a Bonus episode for the seventh season.

This episode, titled “Into the Mild” celebrated the stars Rob Riggle and the homecoming of Megan Mullally, and caught the fan base by surprise and left them in awe, all geared up for the new season.

The show is popular and well acclaimed gone on to bag a plethora of awards. "Bob’s Burgers" is a proud recipient of the Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program and four Annie Awards.

Following its indisputable reputation, we can unflinchingly say that it’s the eighth installment is going to be nothing short of a renewed wonderful and fun filled roller coaster that is going to leave its fans with a complete sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.