Sarah Hyland is set to join the Freeform series "Shadowhunters" for a guest role. The actress is set to appear in two episodes as the series airs this summer. Amid confirmations, Hyland's role has been kept under wraps. The network hasn't released further details yet; however, her character details will be revealed on the later date. Nonetheless, her portrayal is set to be called a "special guest appearance."

For the meantime, Hyland's first episode airing has not been announced yet. However, "Shadowhunter" is set to return for the second half of its season tonight at 8 p.m.

On the brighter side; it is known that Hyland will be joining her boyfriend, Dominic Sherwood, as Jayce Wayland on the show.

Big announcement

Hyland was thrilled as she received the announcement for her guest role in the series. To recall, the night before, she revealed that she cannot sleep and even took to Twitter as she expressed her feelings. Hyland wrote, "I can't sleep. I'm too excited."

With this, fans immediately began welcoming the "Modern Family" star to the show. For now, no words have been revealed about Hyland's character and on when the episodes will air. But what makes it even cooler is the fact that she'll be joining her off-screen partner, Sherwood, on the small screen.

Sherwood opens up about relationship

Dominic Sherwood is known to be in a serious relationship with the 26-year old star. Nonetheless, in one of his recent interviews, Sherwood revealed that their relationship also has ups and downs. The actor admitted that both of them also faced hardships. He further revealed that sometimes it is hard for them to be together since Sherwood lives in Toronto while his other half is in Los Angeles.

The young actor also added that there are times when they wanted to be together and wanted to spend most of their time together. However, they find it hard to do such. Hence, it is safe to say that having them both in one series is a great chance for them to bond on the set together.

Meanwhile, the actor also hopes for the possibilities that Hyland will also become a series regular to "Shadowhunters." To recall, the original Freeform series is the latest gig for the actress following her role in ABC's "Dirty Dancing." She has also starred for "Modern Family" for eight seasons on ABC.

Her guest role has long been speculated when she posted a photo together with the "Shadowhunters" casts during their wrap party for season 2.