Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were both in headlines for the couples of months when they announced their split. Later on, both faced each other's lives separately. Pitt, in one of his interviews, opened up his life as he coped up with the split and admitted that he was hooked on to alcohol and smoking. Right now, recent news is circulating that the actor is finally ready to do the dating game. Has he really moved on from Jolie?

It is known that the 53-year old actor's top priority is his children. However, a new report suggests that Pitt no longer wants to be alone and he is now appealing unto someone to love again.

This news has been made clear by an insider who is close to the actor. The source explained that media should make no mistake with its reports since it is always the main priority of the actor to make sure that his children are happy and safe. Also, his children are his life, the insider explained.

The 'Brangelina' relationship

To recall, Pitt and Jolie were together for twelve long years which included their two-year marriage. During those times, both of them welcomed six children into their family. They had three adopted children who are Maddox, Pax, and Sahara. On the other hand, the couple also had three biological children namely, Shiloh and the twins, Viviene and Knox.

Since they announced their split, Pitt has been linked to different stars like Kate Hudson, Margot Robbie, and Sienna Miller.

However, none of these women were proven to be in a serious relationship with him. Although Pitt is known to be open to dating, the actor also previously revealed that he is not rushing to be in a relationship again.

Enjoying single life

A report from Enstarz has confirmed the news from one of the insiders that Pitt is currently working on his own self.

This simply means that his dating rumors are merely speculations and are not proven true at all. The actor is being known to be passionate and emotional and thus, being in love with another woman is not far from reality.

Further, the insider also added that with all the work that he set forth for his self, eventually, Pitt will be willing to love somebody again someday.

Right now, the actor is said to be enjoying being single while at the same time making his children his main focus and priority.

The source further added that there is nothing wrong for Pitt to stay single. For the past few months, he had been taking care of himself and had been enjoying the freedom that comes along being a single man. He simply feels amazing knowing that he can now stand on his own.

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