Riverdale has just recently ended its first and highly popular season, and already fans of the Netflix hit couldn't help but think of what could happen next in Riverdale Season 2.

A Glimpse of What's to Come

During its first season finale, Riverdale unraveled a string of shocking and extremely disturbing events that seemed a glimpse of what’s to come in the highly anticipated second Season, the production of which seems to be already well underway. Changes — which appear to be not only inevitable but strangely constant as well throughout the show — are expected to be even bigger in Riverdale Season 2.

Jughead and the Serpents

Towards the end of the Riverdale's first season finale, it was revealed that the Serpents have — seemingly for the first time — reached out to Jughead in an effort to show their gratitude to the latter's dad. The notorious group was thankful that FP stayed loyal to them despite having been presented numerous chances to turn them in for crimes they may have or have not committed in exchange for his own freedom. The Serpents’ visit also constituted an offer for Jughead to join them should he choose to — an offer that Betty couldn't help but stop Jughead from taking even before the Serpents left the Jones’ doorsteps.

Jughead was given a Serpent jacket which was meant to be symbolic of his membership in the group should he choose to join it — a jacket which he so readily wore without an apparent hint of hesitation as soon as he received it.

Betty's reaction to Jughead's evident enthusiasm appears to be a clear protest against what the latter is inclined to do, and trouble in paradise might be something that the show's second season will be showing. But will Jughead really join the serpents?

Cheryl Burns Down Their Home

Yet another significant event in the show's first season finale is the part where Cheryl Blossom seemed to have completely spiraled out of control after her father's apparent suicide.

Archie and his friends made great efforts to rescue Cheryl from the nearby frozen river, but somehow circumstances led her to burn down their own home in her belief that it's the best way to ‘start over’.

But how will life be for Cheryl and her mother now, now that half of their family is already dead? Where will they live now that they've lost their home?

Will Cheryl be sent to jail for arson?

The mystery surrounding Riverdale Season 2 will surely keep fans keep on yearning for more.

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