When “Rick and Mortyseason 3 made a surprise debut last April Fool’s Day, everyone believed it’s a clear sign that the series is releasing very soon. However, what followed that premier is rather a disappointing turn of events. The series has met several delays which led to major upset and ignited a major backlash.

Reports start digging more evidence to know what’s behind these delays. They started bringing up old stories and has successfully linked the show’s delay to the longstanding rumored beef between Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. But the issue did not sit well with fans and started pleading the show creators to mend their alleged internal conflict.

Apparently, the elusive Harmon has been aware of these issues going around. So he took this one for the team and addressed the rumors to avoid the cancellation drama getting worse.

Reason 1: Addressing the beef between him and Justin Roiland

There is no beef going on between him and Roiland. He even laughed off the idea of them fighting over something that never really happened in real life. Harmon explained that they have been friends for the longest time and a fight never happened between them. in the past and if they do it wouldn’t be a secret at all. He revealed that both of them would be glad to announce it for the world to know.

He took a shot at the rumor saying that in case these accusations are true, it wouldn't be a secret at all.

That both of them would be glad to announce it for the world to know. Harmon also noted that fighting would never be a factor to slow down their work. Instead, a beef between them would be a good reason to speed up the everything.

Reason 2: Overthinking and bigger goals

The second reason behind the delay is very technical – perfecting “Rick and Morty” season 3’s content.

According to Harmon, the reason why S3 is taking so long is their extensive process of writing and perfecting every storyline of each upcoming episodes.

He then admitted that their team was scared to make something worse than S2 or S1. But he guaranteed that even if the creation of the content slows down the process, still, there will be more exciting stuff to look forward to in this new season.

Moreover, Harmon added that they are too close to finishing.

In the end, Harmon expressed how regretful both he and Roiland feel about the season taking way too long. But it happened and that's how it works. “You do something you don't know you're doing and then you're like oh I did that and then you do otherwise,” Harmond quipped.