Rick and Morty” notched a very surprising success in terms of viewership and critics approval. Its promotional genius has left us hanging when it dropped its season 3 pilot episode last April Fools’ Day. However, not everyone is enjoying “Rick And Morty’s nihilistic fandom.

The series' Season 3 Episode 2 is just around the corner and, definitely, everyone is already on red alert in case Adult Swim announced or dropped it off unexpectedly. The unorthodox way of PR the series holds adds up a natural hype to its popularity. However, someone seemed to be unimpressed of how things are.

Can the series convert a critic?

According to The Federalist columnist Philip Bunn, “Rick and Morty” anime series is an example of bad art created for people who are genuinely fond of meaningless things. His statement comes after watching the series’ first two seasons.

Bunn finally gave in with his friends’ invitation to give the anime a time. He started off watching the pilot episode of Season 3 aired last April Fools’ Day. He noted that “Rick and Morty” as a whole is interesting but lacking in terms of narrative depth.

He credited the presence of all science fiction element in the series, namely: the sane antagonist (Rick), a loyal sidekick (Morty) and the universe to save. However, they fall short in comparison to series who made used of such elements in the past.

To be paired, his articles described “Rick and Morty” enjoyable and explained that there is a hard-to-describe element that will keep the audience watching all throughout. Not to mention the bountiful quotable phrases and catchy one-liners. He added that these elements please today’s meme-driven culture.

More reasons...

For the cons, the alternative universes featured in the series make the story shallow.

Although it is a playful introduction to the question on “possible universes”, it weakens the relationship between audience and the characters.

He cited the incident when Rick and Morty pass through a dimensional passage created by just a click in a portal gun. This makes viewers see the series independently moving instead of a developing arc unfolding in each episode.

What his final take?

Moreover, Bunn has not classified himself as a hater but a watchful critic outside the series’ fandom. Meanwhile, “Rick and Morty” game is now available in VR game, Upload VR reported.

The series is expected to release in the second quarter of 2017.