Jonah Hill's weight loss is one of the most talked-about topics in Hollywood right now. Spending years bordering on the chubby side, many fans immediately noticed Jonah Hill's new summer-ready body. The transformation was really amazing, and many even commented that the "21 Jump Street" actor was almost unrecognizable after his weight loss.

Many of the fans took to social media to commend the 33-year old actor for his weight loss. Many also gave their congratulations to Hill for the successful weight loss and dubbed him as an inspiration. It's a known fact that Hill's weight has been fluctuating over the years and he himself has admitted that he finds it difficult to stay in shape.

So what motivated him to successfully manage to lose all the extra pounds he has been carrying for years? What kind of weight loss secret can be attributed to his transformation?

Gaining weight for film roles

If anything, Jonah Hill has gained weight no only because he wants to but also because he needs to. According to CNN, "The Wolf Of Wall Street" actor gained weight on purpose for his role in "War Dogs." In the said movie, the actor reportedly gained 40 pounds for his role, and after that, he had a hard time losing weight.

Eventually, Jonah Hill felt that it was time for a big change and he wanted to take charge of his body.

Being overweight at 33 is not a joke, and the actor decided to ask a friend for help.

Channing Tatum saves the day

According to CNN, Jonah Hill called his "21 Jump Street" co-star and good friend, channing tatum, and asked him for some advice on how to trim down. It's already a fact that Channing Tatum is one of the fittest actors in Hollywood, with no trace of a dad bod despite having a daughter with his wife, Jenna Dewan.

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In an interview on "The Tonight Show," Jonah Hill shared his candid conversation with Channing Tatum. He simply asked Channing Tatum if he would lose weight if he ate less and got himself a trainer. As expected, the simplest questions have the most straightforward answers, and the "Step Up" actor responded Jonah Hill with a big, resounding "yes."

After months of hard work, training, and discipline, Jonah Hill is proud of his new body, and he attributes his transformation to Channing Tatum.

Fans have been admiring the "Superbad" actor since he stepped out looking like a new man over the weekend. Hopefully, he can manage to keep the weight off and maintain his lighter physique in the long run.