Salutations, dedicated fanatics of "Rick and Morty"! Rewinding back to the sudden debut of the season 3 pilot on April Fool’s day this year to the amazement of fans all over, this obvious query still lingered, haunting the ever growing fan base. “Where are the air dates for the remnant of the third season and when can we expect them?”

Aside a lot of viral rumors that have been debauched, season 3 episode 2 titled “Rickmancing the Stone” was speculated to be released on the May 20, although the official Release Date was yet to be announced then. It seems as though it has been pushed further with respect to recent developments and news from the creators to somewhere before the end of July.

That too has been further rescheduled to what seems like sometime before the end of the year 2016. Oh, what a grand wait this is going to be.

Speculated reason and other news

Co-creator of the show Dan Harmon recently tweeted and put to rest the minds of all who were looking for answers regarding some rumors that were being spread like wildfire by the impatient fans, and they’re not to blame at all. Everyone is thirsty for a piece of "Rick and Morty." The production was completed well in advance for our favorite scripted animation show, but the animators seem to be lagging behind.

Harmon mentioned that it is the way it is because of the nature of the show and that they do not wish to underplay or overplay it.

Makes sense with respect to the fact that this is going to be the darkest season yet, and that the team of "Rick and Morty" and Adult Swim are working on delivering us the creme de la creme of never before witnessed awesomeness.

Dan Harmon also went on to clarify that himself and co-creator Justin Roiland are a tight team and always care for each other's satisfaction as far as the show is concerned.

Their combined effort, along with the relentless team of animation has it all figured out but is simply taking a little extra time to add finishing touches to the finesse that is "Rick and Morty."

Spill more beans

The fans seem to be actively engaged in the wait of the show with every passing day by sharing memes and GIFs of the show.

Adult Swim is also continuing to do a magnificent job at keeping the fanbase engaged with new teasers and artworks. There is a definite wave of disappointment amidst the fans regarding the endless push of airing, but it is needless to say that this is doing nothing less than further adding hype to the franchise.

The truth about not hearing anything about the release dates is that it isn’t up to the creators to talk about it. In fact, it isn’t under their jurisdiction at all. It’s all Adult Swim’s business, and we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for any shred of new information regarding the future episodes of the show.