Shondaland fans have a lot of things to look forward to in "Grey's Anatomy" Season 14. Here are the latest updates on the upcoming Season 14 of "Grey's Anatomy" including Kim Raver's Teddy Altman.

Kim Raver returns as Teddy

TV actress Kim Raver will return to wear her scrubs after five years of absence. Starting from the sixth season, she joined the roster of the main cast members until she left two seasons later.

This will be her latest casting role aside from guest-starring in "Ray Donovan" Season 5. Her recent TV credits include "Bones" and "24: Live Another Day."

According to THR, she is the second "Grey's Anatomy" actor who made a comeback.

The other one is Isaiah Washington.

Who is Teddy Altman?

Kim Raver's character Theodora "Teddy" Altman worked alongside Christina (Sandra Oh) as her mentor. Teddy is the former head of the cardiothoracic surgery department at the Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

Owen (Kevin McKidd) fired her so that she could follow her dreams and mourn the death of her husband. Teddy later worked as the hospital chief at the United States Army Medical Command.

Teddy finds Owen's sister

How did Shonda Rhimes and her team re-introduce Teddy in the series? Well, they might have dropped some clues in "Grey's Anatomy" Season 13. The series showed Owen receiving an update from Teddy who was not seen in any of the episodes.

Owen's estranged wife Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) mentioned the possible connection between Teddy and Megan (Bridget Regan). Owen did not know if his sister was still alive as she was abandoned in a basement. Teddy later confirmed Megan's transfer to Grey Sloan Hospital.

Her Possible Return To Grey's

Speaking of Grey's, another possibility is that she will return as a surgeon at her former workplace.

However, it would not have the same feel as before.

The outlet speculates that she will face Maggie who replaced her as the department head. Aside from that, Christina also left the team a few seasons ago.

Is Teddy the third wheel in Owen-Amelia love team?

Pop Sugar released two other possible scenarios on how Kim Raver can reprise her Teddy Altman role.

Both she and Owen worked together in the military.

There was even a time when Teddy professed her love to him but it did not work out. Owen chose Christina while Teddy continued her relationship with Henry. Despite all of it, Teddy and Owen remained friends.

This time, their shared history together might pose a problem to Owen's crumbling marriage to Amelia. The couple has been experiencing some marital problems and is still working out the kinks. Will Owen break up with his wife for Teddy?

That's it for the latest updates on Kim Raver and her Teddy Altman character. Stay tuned for more updates on "Grey's Anatomy" Season 14.

The ABC series will return this Fall as part of the Shonda Rhimes' "Thank God, It's Thursday" lineup.