While HBO is yet to release a teaser trailer of “#Westworld” Season 2, series regular James Marsden provides a sort-of-glimpse on what to expect in 2018. In this clip, the actor shows his impressive quick draw skills in preparation for a possible gun-slinging scene next season. Marsden’s clip may have also confirmed that the production is yet to start.

Teddy Flood prepares for gun-slinging in season 2

“Westworld” Season 2 is yet to air. But actor James Marsden, who plays the pivotal role of Teddy Flood in the series, has already posted a ‘sort-of’ glimpse for the upcoming season on social media.

In his latest Instagram post, the actor shows off his gun-slinging skills with the caption “Westworld quick draw training!”

Many of his followers praised him for his impressive skill. Many also commented on his post about how psyched they are for the upcoming season.

‘Westworld’ Season 2 already in production?

Apparently, Marsden’s gun-slinging clip may confirm that the shoot is soon to be underway, as some of the actors including James are still in training phase.

As opposed to what was previously reported, production was not started on June 22, executive producers #Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy confirm to Variety that the team will start filming on July 10 with more time to prepare for the “ambitious season.

Stakes and scope to increase drastically, says Nolan

In addition to “ambitious season,” the show mastermind Nolan promises fans of much larger and deeper stories to tackle in season 2, including the origin story of the park and how it came to be in the present timeline. As previously teased by the two creators, the next storyline will focus on a new timeline as opposed to what many fans thought of picking up where season 1 left off.

Nolan and Joy have also mentioned during the interview that the show scales up its production to possibly live up to what the two reckons to be the “season twice as ambitious as the first one.”

“Westworld” is based off the 1973 movie from novelist Michael Crichton that starred Yul Brenner. It is about a highly-advanced and very expensive theme park where visitors can re-live their best fantasies.

The first season premiered in October 2016 and ended December in the same year with stunningly high positive ratings from critiques and audience. Expected to double up the thrill and excitement from the 1st one, “#Westworld” Season 2 will air sometime in October 2018.