At San Diego Comic Con we got a slew of new trailers, including the second trailer for the third "Thor" film. As I stated in my D23 round-up, the events of this film will directly tie into the third Avengers movie. With this new trailer giving us a more in-depth look, we can begin to piece together what we can expect from this installment. As I have seen the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, I will be careful to not reveal any information that may spoil this film for others.

'Ragnarok' is an other world-styled apocalypse

Considering the main villain (Hela) is the goddess of death, major character deaths seem inevitable especially when we look at what exactly Ragnarok is.

It's meant to be an other world-styled Norse apocalypse that will bring the death of the major gods and goddesses, including, but not limited to, Odin, Thor, and Loki. This is quite funny, seeing how Loki has been assumed dead of few times already. It's curious that although he faked his death and assumed power in "Thor: The Dark World", none of those events appeared to have had a lasting impact.

Seeing him held prisoner is an indicator that his rule didn't last very long; and him fighting alongside his brother shows a lack of animosity. Although Thor states he is in need of a team, he doesn't seem to have any reservations about teaming up with Loki. While there could be more going on, keep in mind that the last 'Thor' film came out four years ago, and there have been many other Marvel films since.

There's a chance the filmmakers have looked over details in the last film and are trying to bend the rules in hopes of making connections between previous and upcoming movies.

That being said, it does seem like they're trying to tie in real-life Norse mythology. There's the inclusion of Hela and the rebirth-through-death ideal of Ragnarok, but also Valkyrie, who can be seen riding into battle.

The powerful warrior-women coming to escort the fallen to the after-life, is sure to be a treat for any die-hard Norse mythology fan. We can only hope that Wagner's "Die Walkure" Act 3 plays in the background while they make their grand entrance. If you are unfamiliar with classical music, look it up. I guarantee you've heard the Valkyrie anthem at least a hundred times throughout your life.

A secret Hulk movie?

It's no secret that the previous two Hulk films were not very successful. But many will agree that Mark Ruffalo does a good job conveying his human counter part, Bruce Banner. Many fans have been wanting to see a Hulk-centered movie starring Ruffalo, but it's easy to understand why the studio would be hesitant to do so. And though the clip of the Hulk talking at the end looked a little--strange, the trailer shows that Banner will indeed be playing a larger part in the film. On a side note, is this the first time they've actually referred to him as "The Hulk?" Regardless, I'm excited to see two unlikely Avengers teaming up and going through a "journey of self-discovery".

In a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, they do the always-awkward high five/fist bump combination.

That, plus a shot of Bruce flying a ship, shows that this will be a great team-up leading to some great comedic possibilities. Though I'm not sure how I feel about Thor putting together a team, as we've had at least 4 different Marvel teams thus far (I'm counting Civil War). He also mentions that it will be "like old times," presumably to Loki about the adventures they will have with their friends in this first film. Is he trying to reconnect with his brother, or did his other friends perish in the Asgard Apocalypse? Regardless, people are beginning to notice the "super team" trope. Sure team-ups are cool, but the slow-mo team poses and/or walks are becoming pretty tiring.

But with this being the last Thor film (for the time being), I'm glad they are going all out.

The stakes are raised, the tension is high, and unlike some other films, the consequences seem real. They are fully tapping into the god of thunder's potential, and his opponent looks like a worthy foe. With only two films left until the "Infinity War" arrives, we can only wait with anticipation to see where the Marvel story will go next.