A Bomb Threat led police to evacuate a Korean Television station to verify reports that a blasting device was installed in the building, rattling Korean pop idols and fans.

Over 150 spectators and dozens of members of famous Kpop groups, who were set to perform at ‘Music Bank’ show of the Korean Broadcasting Systems (KBS), were escorted out of the studio during the recording session Friday morning.

There was slight panic and tension at the KBS Concert Hall but these were quickly diffused after police confirmed that the area was clear.

Reports have it that a man called KBS, claiming that he planted a bomb in the building where APink, a Kpop girl group, was recording for the music countdown show.

After evacuating the area, the Military Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit unit promptly checked the building but found no evidence of threat.

The show must go on

The recording of some portions of the program as well as the live show in the afternoon proceeded amidst tight security.

Prior to the incident, an unidentified man also threatened to kill the six members of APink after watching them on blind dates in a reality show. It is believed that the suspect was the same man who called KBS.

The culprit has yet to be apprehended.

APink’s management, Plan A Entertainment, said the group’s members are safe and apologized to other Kpop artists who appeared with them in Music Bank’s mid-year special and who may have been inconvenienced by the incident.

“We hope this issue will be soon resolved,” the agency’s spokesperson said.

More than 20 Kpop groups in a special mid-year show

Aside from APink, several popular Kpop groups were featured in the June 30 show including BTOB, GOT7, Highlight, NCT 127, UP10TION and Red Velvet. Some 20 other performers also took the Music Bank stage.

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Music Bank has a large following and is shown live in more than 100 countries. KBS also streams the program online.

KBS Music Bank is one of Korea’s longest running musical countdown shows. It is held at the network’s studio in Yeouido in Seoul. Some portions of the show are pre-recorded in the morning of broadcast date but the program goes live in the afternoon.

Fans usually gather at the KBS gates to wait for the arrival of the Kpop celebrities. More than a hundred fans are allowed inside the studio to watch the morning recording and about a hundred more are given passes to the live broadcast.

There are other equally popular music countdown shows in Korean such as M Countdown of MNET, MBC’s Show! Music Core and Inkigayo of SBS.

All programs draw hundreds of fans, who hope to catch a glimpse of their favorite Kpop artists for free.