"Real Housewives of Atlanta" is currently filming for Season 10 but something fans of the show definitely won't see on their TV screens is Kenya Moore's wedding. Over the past several days, reports that Kenya may or may not have gotten married have been flooding in. Many 'RHOA' fans questioned whether they were true or not but it turns out that Kenya didn't fake tying the knot in a super secret ceremony in St. Lucia.

How did Bravo react to Kenya's marriage news

As many 'RHOA' fans figured, Bravo execs are not happy about Kenya's nuptials. Not because they didn't want the reality star to get married and live happily ever after.

Quite the opposite really. According to Celebrity Insider, there is quite a bit of upset over the fact that Kenya Moore kept her relationship and her wedding a secret.

While many believe that Kenya kept her mystery husband a secret because her past public relationships failed, that doesn't seem to appease the network that gave her a platform. While Kenya might be hiding her relationship out of fear that airing her actual personal life on TV might cause problems for her, she is contractually obligated to Bravo.

According to the report, Season 10 of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" was going to feature Kenya Moore's feud with Kim Zolciak as well as her recovery from the Matt Jordan break up. Now that Kenya dropped the wedding bomb, there's no telling what might happen.

There have been reports that Kenya's job is on the line, though. Will this be the last we see of Kenya on 'RHOA'?

Matt Jordan reacts to wedding news

It turns out that Kenya's ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan is even more surprised to hear that the "RHOA" star got married than those filming the upcoming season. Matt hasn't responded well to the news that Kenya married someone else.

After all, he and Kenya were a couple less than a year ago and apparently he also had no idea that she had another man.

After learning of Kenya Moore's marriage news, Matt Jordan took to Instagram to say his piece. He wrote, "As if the embarrassment from the show wasn't enough" before ranting about how Kenya accused him falsely of domestic violence, took out what he called an unwarranted restraining order and smeared his name.

Matt said that he has lost business opportunities and suffered damage to his reputation after dating the "RHOA" star.

However, Matt seems more hurt and confused than anything. He believes that Kenya was seeing this other man while they were still together, essentially cheating on him. Matt also claims that he "loved & cherished" Kenya only to end up losing her to another man. Matt is heartbroken over Kenya's marriage and even went so far as to ask to just be left alone.