More details and video of the altercation between Matt Jordan and Peter Thomas have been released. The fight between Cynthia Bailey's ex-husband and Kenya Moore's ex-boyfriend happened all the way back in March. As you might recall, Peter Thomas bragged that he held his own in the brawl with Matt Jordan despite being twice his age. It turns out that he didn't really fare so well after all.

Why did Matt and Peter fight?

Back in March, both Matt Jordan and Peter Thomas were brought in for a radio interview in Charlotte. While they were there, the "RHOA" exes ended up trading quite a few insults.

Things got so intense that a producer for the radio show tried to step in the middle of them. You can hear the producer trying to reason with Matt, reminding him that she brought him on the show so he could have a platform to tell his side of the story. Rather than do that, Matt and Peter ended up fighting.

Apparently, Peter and Matt had been clashing the night before the interview. Matt said over and over during the radio station argument that he invited Peter to come out and meet him in the parking lot the night before but that he wouldn't do it.

Matt ignored all requests to stop talking to Peter and just speak to the radio hosts and the producer in order to get his side of the story out. After several insults were flung back and forth, Peter stood up and Matt did the same.

Still shouting at each other, Matt Jordan finally got angry at Peter Thomas and charged at him right there in the radio station.

You could hear a female voice saying over and over, "Are you f**king serious?" as Matt and Peter collided. The fight didn't last long and ultimately, those who witnessed Matt and Peter's fight were able to get them apart.

That didn't stop Peter from bragging that he was able to hold his own in the fight with Matt and that at one point, he even pulled a boxcutter on the personal trainer and threatened to cut him with it.

More legal trouble for Matt Jordan

Peter Thomas is pressing charges against Matt Jordan for charging at him first. It's pretty clear that, despite both men flinging plenty of insults, Matt struck first and that might cause him a huge headache down the road.

It's likely that Matt's altercation with Peter could help him add to his collection of mugshots.

The back and forth between Peter Thomas and Matt Jordan also helps "Real Housewives of Atlanta" fans to see why they are now "RHOA" exes. Cynthia Bailey finalized her divorce from Peter while Season 9 of "RHOA" was still rolling. Kenya Moore had a few confrontations with Matt during the season but ultimately, Kenya filed a restraining order against Matt after claiming that he was blowing up her phone and also that he was caught on her security cameras while breaking windows on her new house.