Now that “Prison Break” Season 5 ended with an epic finale, fans have been clamoring for it to be renewed for another season. It looks like “Prison Break” Season 6 is not far from happening as its cast and people behind the show are open to the idea of continuing its story. After the unexpected plot twists and a happy ending on Michael Scofield’s (Wentworth Miller) tale, a lot are looking forward to seeing them back once again to the television screen. In fact, the serial drama’s cast is now talking about their possible return.

The cast take to do another season

"There's always room for more, in my mind," Wentworth Miller said about the possibility of making “Prison Break” Season 6. For the 45-year-old star, as long as the show has a story worth telling and it will be justified and edgy, it has no reason to stop. Of course, they also have to consider the fans’ stand. If the television series will continue, it has to be satisfying and surprising for the viewers and it will never put them down. “I'm open to the conversation," he added, according to Digital Spy.

Later, the “Underworld” star further said that the continuation of the show’s story will depend on how the previous installment was received. He also explained that they can only start the discussion for another season if they already know who are available to join.

As Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Michael’s son Mike Jr. (Christian Michael Cooper) has played an important role in “Prison Break” Season 5, Wentworth Miller now feels that the show now has more stories to tell. “Now we're talking about multiple generations," he teased.

Lincoln Burrows, on the other hand, is very optimistic to do a new chapter.

In fact, he earlier said that he is willing to do the television series for years, much more the sixth season. However, Sarah Wayne Callies is already fine with the nine episodes she had done in the fifth chapter.

The show’s bosses talk about another season

Moreover, Fox's network Chief Dana Walden admitted that they are considering doing more episodes of the serial drama.

As a matter of fact, the show’s co-showrunner Vaun Wilmott revealed that they are already thinking its continuation in “Prison Break” Season 6. In an interview with TVLine, he said that he is certain that the “gang” will definitely return to do it all again when the perfect storyline comes out. “Ideas are percolating," he hinted.

The show’s creator Paul Scheuring also entertains the idea of another breakout in the future. “I would be open to it, but only if we can find a story that's going to knock your socks off,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. But, this will only happen if they have a “top-notch story” on hand.