The long and tumultuous journey of Michael Scofield has finally come to an end. Before continuing to read this article, please be warned that this article contains major "Prison Break" season 5 spoilers. To continue, the season finale saw Michael returning home to his family.

It was a scene that culminated all of the hardships and sacrifices that Michael had to go through and spending seven years apart from his family was certainly not an easy situation to be in. The situation got even more complicated because his wife and child believed that he was already dead, so there they were, trying to move on and live their lives not knowing that Michael was actually struggling to return to them.

"Prison Break" season 5 saw Michael Scofield pull all the strings needed to escape and regain his freedom. From a mobile frame job down to a couple of murders, Wentworth Miller's character practically did everything to escape.

Free but not at peace

Michael Scofield may have successfully made his way out of prison, but is he really at peace? Admittedly, his character has done some pretty bad things to access freedom, and it actually comes with a hefty price - his peace of mind.

Even the showrunners have been hinting that Wentworth Miller's character might not be able to sleep peacefully at night, even if he is already home with his family. These thoughts and opinions have raised some speculations that "Prison Break" Season 6 might be in the works.

For "Prison Break" season 6, the story might focus on how Michael's past will come back to haunt him and he might also end up back in jail.

Paranoia, insomnia, anxiety

Spending seven troublesome years apart from his family is expected to give Michael Scofield a hard time living a normal life. This will certainly affect his relationship with his wife, Sara, and his son as well.

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According to Wentworth Miller himself, his character is facing a lot of demons from all the experiences he has been through.

The 44-year old actor also shared that if he were to assess his character in "Prison Break," it won't be long until the thirst for illegal escapades catches up to him. That said, it could be safe to say that another season might be in discussion among the showrunners and the network.

However, according to reports, Paul Scheuring, the creator of the series himself, has revealed that he is open for talks for another season on one condition - if they're going to come up with a plot that will knock the viewers' socks off.