Hey, "Prison Break" fans. I wish I had some definite news to give you right now but I don't. Your favorite show has not been confirmed to get a new season 6 from FOX at the moment. However, there is some good news. The network is definitely considering it as well as the producers of the show. It's just really going to take more time because FOX actually doesn't consider this show to be a show that airs every season. They think of it as more of a special that comes back with encores from time to time.

The CEOs spoke about it

We're getting this intel from our TV Line sources.

They were recently at the FOX Upfronts event that took place a few weeks back. The network's CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman were on hand to answer questions from the press about the future of certain shows. During their discussion about "Prison Break," Walden chimed in to say that they are definitely in the process of considering to give it a new season 6. She also said that she knows for sure that the producers are thinking about it.

Make it a special

She capped off her statement by saying they want to make it a special with intermittent encores. In other words, they won't be trying to run it every season. I personally think season 5 should've at least gotten 10 episodes instead of just nine if they're going to do it that way.

Oh well. It is what it is. Hopefully, it'll be back sooner rather than later but I have a sneaky suspicion that it won't. I mean there was literally an eight year gap between season 4 and the current season 5. I would've assumed it was certainly canceled in that time frame.

Wentworth Miller gave a statement

We also have a statement from one of the main stars of the show Wentworth Miller.

He recently chatted with the folks over at "Entertainment Weekly" back in late April 2017. They asked him if he would want to do another season. He told them that he certainly wouldn't rule it out and he feels that there is actually more stories to tell. They could go in a lot of different directions with the plotline. However, he doesn't want to do it unless they can come up with something really awesome that they can sink their teeth into.

Everyone is thinking about it

That pretty much echoes what Dana Walden said in her statement. Basically, everyone is just thinking about it right now. Based on this most recent break of eight years, they don't have a problem with taking their sweet time. Going over the performance numbers, It's latest season 5 premiered to 3.8 million viewers in the United States and scored a demographic rating of: 1.49 in the 18-49 age groups. On a worldwide scale, it brought in 5.68 million viewers and scored a 1.5 demo rating.

The last episode 8 that aired on May 23rd,2017 received a 0.71 demo rating and drew in 1.8 million viewers in the USA. For the worldwide numbers, that same episode scored a 0.7 demo rating as well.

The total viewers are still being tabulated. It was probably slightly higher than the U.S. number. It maybe got around 2 million or so viewers worldwide. Whatever the case, it sounds like we could be in for a long wait at best if there is even going to be a season 6. We're just going to have to wait and see. Stay tuned.