“Pretty Little Liars” will end in June. There are just 10 episodes left and it now looks like the final scene has been shared. Sure enough, it looks like a happy ending for the five liars, despite all the twists and turns that have come throughout the last six and a half seasons. Despite the reveal of the possible ending scene, the questions over Uber A/A.D. remain.

All five will make it to the end of ‘Pretty Little Liars’

One thing that looks certain is that all five of the liars will make it to the very end. That means Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer will be together in the final shot.

This is something that the possible final shot from the “Pretty Little Liars” Twitter feed shows, and they certainly all look happy – as if all the bad stuff from the last six and a half years has finally been laid to rest.

I. Marlene King also made it clear that all five would be in the final shot. She shared on Instagram that gifts will be shared and tears will be shed. Of course, that could be just between the actresses and the crew members. They are one tight family, along with the fans from around the world. It could also be the characters, as they realize that they can definitely push forward with their lives from now on.

It means Aria isn’t A.D

One of the biggest theories surrounding A (and now Uber A) is that it’s really one of the liars.

Fans instantly had the theory that it’s actually Aria for many reasons. Her name does start with A after all. However, this final shot would make it seem unlikely that this “PLL” theory is true. It looks like none of the liars will actually be A.

Another theory is that Aria has an evil twin. While the twin storyline is already playing out with Mary Drake (twin sister of Jessica DiLaurentis), it is possible that one of the liars is also a twin.

Pretty Little Liars season 7 returns next month. There are now just 10 episodes left until the very end. Do you think this is the final scene ever? If so, how do you think the liars will get to this happy ending?